Monero Price Books a Moderate Profit; How long will the Upsurge Sustain?

Monero has recently seen booking losses during the uptrend in the market. XMR was amongst the few top 20 cryptocurrencies, which was spotted falling tremendously in the past few days. However, the single coin was soon joined by the bandwagon. Well, the altcoins are in the recovery mode after yesterday’s fall. Monero also got caught up in the trend, and now, it is slowly moving up.

We are anticipating that the uptrend in the coin would last a good amount of time. The investors of Monero can book profits in the said period.

Monero Price Analysis:

Monero Price
Monero Chart By TradingView

The above 3-day chart is a data feed from Bitfinex as on September 20, 2019, at 04:18 UTC. There was a price escalation on September 18, 2019. The first upsurge took the price to $79 from $74 by 6.78%. Another escalation brought an interesting uptrend as the price touched $82 from $77 by 6.30%. The intraday escalation marked 9.86% as the coin closed at $81. Yesterday, the fall took the price to $72 from $81 by 9.69%. There was recovery in the price which brought XMR to $77 by 6.17% and the day closed at $75 with regression of 6.66%. Today, the coin has booked a progression of 0.42% within the first few hours. The current trading price of XMR is at $75.

Monero comes under the top profit-making coins of the market. As per our experts and XMR Price Prediction, the investors can invest in the coin with a prospect of a high return in the future. The currency would go best with the long-term traders.

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