Monero Price Drenched in Blood; XMR Deals at $73

Monero started with the bearish trend from the beginning of the day. The fall kept increasing gradually after every hour. The loss in the price is heart-breaking. The traders are disappointed by such an enormous fall.

Well, the traders who deal in XMR must be aware of the price movement of the coin. The currency has a volatile momentum. We are still hopeful that the coin would recover in the coming days. Yesterday, the coin was dealing at a high of $77.72 and a low of $72.92. The volume of XMR marked yesterday was at $96,275,560.

XMR/ USD Price Chart:

The data feed is collected from Bittrex on September 21, 2019, at 11:52:27 UTC for price analysis.

Monero Price Chart
Monero Chart By TradingView

Yesterday, the day began with an upsurge. The price changed from $76 to $77 by 3.45%. Later, the price fell by 5.93% with the coin reaching $72. The day ended at $74 with an intraday loss of 2.83%.

Today, Monero started trading with a bearish impact. The fall continued and touched a low at $72. The fall was recorded from $73, and the regression was of 2.04%. Recently, the price recovered and jumped to $73 by 2.25%.

Monero Price Prediction and Conclusion:

The market started the day with the bearish trend. The altcoins were all spotted red, but eventually improved. There were still some coins like XMR which could cope up but kept dealing at losses. Monero is a high potential coin. It comes under the top fifteen cryptocurrencies in the market. We are anticipating that in the coming years, XMR would be seen dealing at 2% to 3% profit.

The market cap is noted as $1,270,557,931. The 24hr volume of XMR is at $94,546,571. The circulating supply is noted as 17,219,650 XMR. The ROI stands at 2882%. Monero is likely to close 2019 at $95. We would recommend the short term traders to dig-in as per our Monero price predictions. The same would give a high return in the future.

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