Monster Clan Assimilates Chainlink VRF on Polygon

An innovative third-person player-controlled NFT game, Monsters Clan, is assimilating Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on the Polygon blockchain. By assimilating the pioneering decentralized network, one can be assured of a verifiable randomness source, which is tamper-proof in nature. This makes the pairing of two players or clans competing in the  Monsters Clan NFT game largely unbiased in nature. Users thus get a fair, transparent and fun-filled experience, as assorted sportsmen will be able to test their will and wits against each other in Clans Fighting modes or PVP with support from the Chainlink VRF. The game, based on the unique lifestyles of monsters, allows competitors to train, own, and use their players to win in the battlefield and earn rewards. One can rent, buy or sell game NFTs via the Monsters Clan NFT marketplace via $MONS (a BEP 20 token).

Clans fighting mode and PVP are made fair and transparent especially when initiating arbitrary duels between clans and players, by securing access to a secure random generator (RNG) that can be checked by any user independently. However, numerous safety protocols are needed for smart contracts run on RNG solutions to avoid manipulation and ensuring system compliance. Miners can exploit RNG solutions sourced from block hashes or blockchain data. However, when conventional data suppliers source off-chain RNG solutions, one cannot be sure about the authenticity or integrity of the process. Chainlink VRF was zeroed upon after reviewing several solutions. Its foundation is solid academic research, a much-tested oracle infrastructure made safe through cryptographic proofs that ensure that each number supplied to smart contracts has integrity.

Scott Cook

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