Monsters Clan Partners With Netvrk Metaverse

Monsters Clan, the famous NFT-based gaming platform, has decided to enter into a partnership with Netvrk to introduce the Monsters Clan community into the metaverse. The Netvrk Metaverse is currently working on creating a rich ecosystem to enable the players to earn, play, socialize, and interact while engaging in gaming, education, and business. 

The partnership seeks to revamp the Metaverse with the all-new Play to Earn experience. This will provide users the ability to develop their own content and capitalize on it. The partnership will also allow users to employ a set of tools so that they can enjoy the Play To Earn experience through Virtual Land and NFTs. Through the collaboration, users of both platforms will be able to enjoy the ownership of Virtual Land and assets of Monsters Clan that includes infrastructure, buildings, vehicles, accessories, and avatars. 

The Netvrk Metaverse is renowned for its robust infrastructure and powerful tools that allow users to develop, share, engage in, and extract profits from their creations. Its mission is to provide a platform for gaming, virtual workplaces, and education centered on the ownership of assets and virtual land. Monsters Clan is known as the first user-controlled and third-person game based on NFT and blockchain technology. The NFT-based game enables players to purchase, hold, provide training to, and play the various monsters in the game at competitive events and tournaments to rake in decent earnings and rich wins. Monsters Clannative cryptocurrency token, called $MONS, is a BEP-20 token. The token will be available to users of both Netvrk and Monsters Clan for buying, selling, and renting game NFTs at the NFT marketplace of Monsters Clan.

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