Mooky coin continues to innovate with NFTs and Ventures Club

Mooky, the community DeFi token, is making waves in the cryptocurrency world with its latest announcement of hosting 1,000 unique NFTs for the community. These NFTs will be available for trading and have future utility. Mooky is taking a step further by introducing a Ventures Club for holders of rare and super rare NFTs.

Mooky’s NFTs will have five different tiers – common, uncommon, rare, super rare, and legendary – with each tier having its own unique design and value. The NFTs will have utility in future integrations and events, providing holders exclusive access to perks such as airdrops and merchandise drops.

Those fortunate enough to mint a super rare or legendary NFT will receive entry into the Mooky Ventures Club. This exclusive club will offer a variety of perks, including passive income from the investment portfolio the team will set up. The investment portfolio will be controlled and automated by a decentralized application (dApp), providing a transparent and secure investment experience for Ventures Club members.

Mooky’s commitment to building a strong community and creating value for its users is evident in the introduction of the Ventures Club. The team is dedicated to providing unique and exciting opportunities for its community to engage with the project and benefit from its growth.

In addition to the Ventures Club, Mooky will continue to host regular giveaways and competitions to keep its community engaged. The team is also working on implementing and integrating different utilities and products to help expand and sustain the project.

Mooky’s focus on building a strong community has been evident since its inception. The project aims to protect the environment while shifting wealth into its internal ecosystem, providing a win-win situation for both community holders and the charities it funds.

The Mooky team encourages its community to get involved by sharing the project with friends and creating Mooky-inspired artwork, memes, and tweets. The team also offers a range of Mooky merchandise that can be purchased with gains from holding the token.

Mooky is a meme coin at its core, and the team is proud of its community-driven approach to building the project. By offering unique opportunities such as NFTs and Ventures Club, Mooky is taking the meme coin experience to the next level.

About Mooky


Mooky is a community DeFi token to protect the environment while shifting wealth into its internal ecosystem. The project is committed to building a strong community by offering unique opportunities and providing value for its users. To learn more about Mooky, visit the website or join the community on social media.

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