Moonbeam Network joins Animo Industries for Web3 gaming

Moonbeam Network said that it is venturing into the Web3 games segment in association with Animo Industries. The smart contract platform joining hands with a gaming studio has paved the way for another player to enter the market. It would do so with Stars Arena, which will likely go live on PlayStation, Epic Games, and Nintendo Switch later. However, some experts believe that Moonbeam Network could be late to the party.

The last year, 2023, is the time when the crypto market was sluggish. That allowed players to accumulate tokens and take big steps in the gaming world. Plus, NFTs were breaking every possible norm in the industry. The prices of cryptos are on the rise, and NFTs are pretty much a standard thing in the market.

Nevertheless, Moonbeam Network is confident about the move. It said that the strategic partnership with Animo will help them make significant strides in the gaming sector. Moreover, they have clarified that they intend to leverage the potential of blockchain technology to enhance players’ experience.

Stars Arena will encompass all the aspects of NFTs, multiplayer video games, and real-world collectibles. Their goal is to lead the sphere from the front, despite being late to the party.

Issues like onboarding players to Web3 and gameplay quality compared to traditional games prevail across the ecosystem. Moonbeam Network typically looks to move past those challenges by focusing solely on the user experience. That would be prioritized over the token-earning mechanism.

Eduardo Cabrera, the Chief Executive Officer of Animo, said that they chose Moonbeam because they stood out in the market to support ANIMO. Eduardo said that they are now confident about players finding a home for their items on the Moonbeam Network.

Sicco Naets, the Head of Ecosystem Development at Moonbeam Foundation, issued a statement in this regard. Sicco said their partnership signals a strong sign of shared commitment to bringing Web3 gaming to a broader user base. Naets further stated that they aim to take blockchain beyond the realms of the Play2Earn model by focusing more on user experience.

The NFT collection of Animo was last seen generating more than 3,000 ETH in trade volume since December 2021. That roughly translates to $7 million. For a better reference, one ETH is exchanging hands at $2,827.12 at the time of articulating this piece. That is an increase of 0.88% in the last 24 hours and a surge of 14.41% in the last 7 days.

Stars Arena is tentatively scheduled to go live on March 1, 2024. The launch would be public, enabling gamers to have an immersive and new gameplay experience.

Web3 gaming continues to lead the market and drive a large number of users to the new decentralized web. Stars Arena would soon become a part of that ecosystem, contributing a portion while leveraging the existing ones in the sphere.

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