Moonbeam Network Takes WePiggy Live on Its Mainnet

Moonbeam Network has launched WePiggy with liquidity mining scheduled to start on May 30, 3033, at 15:00 (UTC+8). The collaboration is a part of WePiggy’s multi-chain deployment plan. The initial launches include USDT, USDC, ETH, DAI, GLMR, and WBTC. Other assets are expected to be released based on the prevailing market conditions.

Allocation of WPC, the native governing token of Moonbeam, will be an everyday activity wherein each market will get the share based on different weights. Every market will further equally distribute the allocated token between the depositor and borrowers. A user can access WePiggy Moonbeam on their desktop by following the steps mentioned below:-

  1. Install the MetaMask wallet as a plug-in on a browser. Set up the installation and connection with the team in case of any query.
  2. Access the plug-in to switch the setting to the Moonbeam mainnet.
  3. You will be all set to access WePiggy Moonbeam on your desktop.

There is an additional process requiring a user to connect the wallet that you would need to complete by following these steps:-

  1. Visit the official website through a browser where the plug-in has been installed. A browser can be either Chrome or Firefox.
  2. Navigate to the upper right corner and click ‘Connect Wallet.’
  3. You would be directed to choose ‘MetaMask’ as an option for connecting the wallet.
  4. After selecting the option, a notification will ask you to select the login option.
  5. When visible, click “Connect” to approve the account.

These systematic steps, when followed, would make it easier for a user to set up the account and connect the wallet to the MetaMask plug-in. WePiggy is a crypto lending market protocol that is non-custodial and open source in nature. WePiggy was officially launched on the Ethereum mainnet, and it has now adopted the approach of deploying on multiple chains.

The protocol has also been deployed on Layer 2 solutions like BNB and Polygon, and Aurora. The WePiggy community is governed by the native token called WPC. As a token, WPC gives the members power to govern the entire protocol.

As reflected on the official website of WePiggy, the total market size of the protocol stands at $44,243,240.06 at the time of drafting this article. It has extended support to more than 11 chains.

SlowMist has audited the smart contract functionality of WePiggy, making it the most secured protocol. Moonbeam is the most favorable destination for developers who look to build a secure multi-chain decentralized app. Moonbeam combines the compatibility of Ethereum and the interoperability of Polkadot.

Developers find it easier to build natively interoperable applications on the platform. One of the reasons is that Moonbeam provides unified accounts and a private key format with seamless integration to Ethereum. Another reason is that Moonbeam invests heavily in optimized developer experience, and it includes comprehensive technical support.

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