Moondance Labs releases ContainerChains

Moondance Labs, a business involved in developing the Tanssi appchain framework protocol, releases ContainerChains. This is an effective solution and makes it easier for developers to establish application-oriented blockchains.

The increase in appchains is welcome for their specific blockspace, customization, and being in tune with blockchain’s prime factors related to safety, governance potential, and decentralization. However, at times, their complex positioning requirements are responsible for bringing various difficulties to projects and forcing greater costs and time periods.

More options are required for developers at this time. In the case of smart contracts, quicker delivery is achieved at the expense of customization and scalability. In addition, rollups present their own decentralization issues due to their reliance on centralized sequencers and obstacles, including data accessibility and transaction ordering.

To effectively address these problems, Tanssi’s ContainerChains offers spontaneous connectivity to various framework services. With the linking of an appchain with the Tanssi network, it changes into a ContainerChain. This helps ease the positioning procedure and lessens it exponentially.

Francisco Agosti, CEO of Moondance Labs and co-founder of Tanssi, claims that Tanssi is the first protocol enabling developers to deploy a secure and decentralized appchain rapidly. In his opinion, with the expansion of appchains and rollup factors, an automated and unimpeded solution is necessary. Now, with the introduction of ContainerChains, it will be possible to address this issue and, at the same time, not have to do away with decentralization, safety matters, and conventional composability, the fundamental ethics of Web3.

Tanssi ContainerChains are anchored to the Substrate infrastructure, which features a modular design that facilitates additional customization. Substrate’s adaptability is regarded as a plus but necessitates a deeper understanding. Having the necessary elements pre-installed for compatibility with Tanssi’s protocol simplifies developer entry into the Substrate and Polkadot ecosystems through the use of pre-created templates. Adaptable EVM templates are also available.

Several benefits accompany an appchain integrating with Tansii and transforming into a ContainerChain. There is both collation as a service and data redemption as a service. In addition to seamless integration with leading wallets, XCM is also incorporated. Then, there are the tools for chain management. Moreover, Tansii’s integration with Polkadot’s relay chain takes advantage of the shared safety features and interoperability of Polkadot.

The initial public testnet of Tansii, Dancebox, opens the doors for wider ContainerChains acceptance. Currently, there are more than 40 projects that have connected with the Tanssi ecosystem and will come to Dancebox. Some of them are RMRK, LeverFi, and Galaxia Studio, among others.

According to Bruno Skvorc, inventor of RMRK, linking RMRK with Dancebox speaks volumes about their pursuit of chain-level customizations. According to him, Tanssi’s involvement with appchain framework paves the way for them to achieve their NFT objectives.


Earlier this year, Moondance acquired $3 million via a seed round, with the initiator being Arrington Capital, along with prime venture capitalists like Fenbushi, Borderless Capital, Hashkey Capital, and others.

Tansii’s appchain framework protocol utilizes ContainerChains to facilitate and accelerate appchain positioning. These ContainerChains offer a framework in the form of a developer-friendly and permissionless service. Consequently, the positioning of appchains is significantly accelerated compared to what was previously possible. Tansii also utilizes the shared safety factors and standard interoperability of the Polkadot Relay Chain.

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