MoonPay Is Launching NEAR Fiat on a Global Scale

MoonPay, a Swiss-based cryptocurrency payment infrastructural firm used by over five million people, recently announced that clients in 150 countries would indeed be eligible to purchase $NEAR instantly through its website.

While MoonPay customers in Europe and abroad can currently purchase $NEAR with a credit or debit card, today is the very first-time customers in 150 countries worldwide, including the U. S., would be enabled to use MoonPay’s quick, useful service. Moon Pay is exposing more individuals to this vibrant and diverse community by making a direct on-ramp towards NEAR. They’ll keep watching with bated breath as NEAR grows and new projects arise as the community grows. MoonPay has made the buying process much quicker for users by creating fixed quotations that ensure the amount of cryptocurrency they will get once they buy.

Although $NEAR is currently available for purchase in the United States, purchasing has not yet been enabled in a bunch of states. Hawaii,  Louisiana, New York, and Texas are the only places where people will be unable to purchase $NEAR at launch.

Customers in the remaining forty-six states and 150 other nations would be eligible to purchase $NEAR through MoonPay beginning December 7th. The news corresponds with the release of NEAR sharding, the very next critical step in the NEAR blockchain’s evolution.

NEAR Sharding increases the network’s performance to handle more operations safely while also enhancing its potential to function larger and much more resource-intensive Decentralized applications, such as gaming. NEAR now has over twenty gaming and NFT apps operating on the network that may benefit from super-low costs and indefinite scalability.

About NEAR

NEAR is indeed a high-performance blockchain that’s also intended to be extremely fast, extremely safe, and infinitely expandable. The mission of NEAR is to set up a network that allows individuals to reimagine finances, innovation, and communities in inclusive and participatory methods.

NEAR was created by a prize-winning group of engineers and businessmen to be easy to use, accessible, and environmentally friendly., A16Z, Coinbase Ventures, Pantera Capital, Baidu Ventures, Dragonfly Capital, and Electric Capital are among the top investment firms that have invested in NEAR.

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