Moonpot Employs Chainlink VRF on BSC to Boost Prize Draws

The multiple-chain yield aggregator Beefy Finance’s no-loss lottery ante Moonpot has taken on a Verifiable Randomness Function powered by Chainlink and integrated it on the independent blockchain of Binance Smart Chain. From now on, users can avail the full advantages of such an expansion of Beefy Finance’s range of smart contract merchandise by acquiring prizes, in addition to yield mining. 

Chainlink is renowned for its state-of-the-art decentralized system of oracle that employs a highly fortified computation procedure off the chain. Once Moonpot utilizes this decentralized network, it will gain access to a secure random number generator, which is also auditable. This is necessary to choose winners completely impartial. Eventually, it will improve the user experience by making it fraud-proof, transparent, and much more thrilling. Clients will be assured that there will be no illegal or unethical measures to decide the champion and that the winner will be unanimously chosen. 

One can think of Moonpot’s prize draws as a win-win situation as users will start reaping the rewards once they pool their funds into any saving pot. The reward will be in the form of a portion of the total profit or yield sourced from the collective fund deposits. This has been made possible by the protocol that regulated Beefy Finance aggregate yield. Even if a user is not the champion, they will gain continuous interest on the assets they have invested.


Moonpot is already going live on the BSC mainnet, and participants have the chance to win more than 250,000 dollars in the form of rewards in the CAKE pool. They will gain 1 CAKE ticket per deposit. When the weekly draw of 5 winners is calculated, they will have a better chance at winning. The Chainlink VRF solution will ensure that the selection of winners passes through all verification processes.

Roxanne Williams

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