MoonStarter Announces PlayZap Private Sale on Its Platform

PlayZap is one of the leading competitive Play-to-Earn platforms for an interactive platform that allows gamers to play their favorite games while collecting, selling, or trading a variety of NFTs and earning money just by being active on the network.

The ZapVerse, a new and dynamic metaverse to explore, is one of PlayZap’s cornerstones, along with an external publisher program aiming at putting creators and developers in direct contact with their communities and exposing them to the whole PlayZap user base. Every digital asset you obtain on the ZapVerse is yours, whether it’s a limited edition Z-Hero or an exclusive item. The assets’ creation keys will be maintained in your wallet, granting you complete ownership of all items.

Some of the features of ZapVerse are

  • Loyalty benefits, enabled by the $PlayZap token, are already in place in the base economy.
  • Z-Heroes are a collection of distinct configurable NFTs.
  • Traders and collectors benefit from a variety of support structures, including real estate ownership and career advancement.
  • In the Z-arena, players will be able to compete in large-scale tournaments in a PvP mode.

The NFT marketplace is another important part of the PlayZap ecosystem. PlayZap NFTs will provide premium benefits as well as the possibility to increase the earning capacity of players.

The marketplace is a hub of different types of gaming utilities, where players can buy and sell items across the platform.

The supply of NFTs will be limited in order to provide premium benefits and increase users’ earning ability. Those NFTs are minted and traded in the market.

The $PlayZap utility token is utilized to power the ecosystem’s whole functionality.

To host your own tournaments, obtain limited edition NFTs, engage in high-jackpot lotteries, and much more, earn, trade, and use $PlayZap. You have the option to grow the pool of tokens and get a share of all tournament, marketplace, and wallet transactions revenues.

MoonStarter is a website that helps people to establish businesses. MoonStarter’s goal is to serve as a one-stop multi-chain launchpad for selected projects, regardless of which blockchain is used. While the present project environment is fragmented and dependent on the blockchain utilized, MoonStarter wants to give users the option of launching on one or several blockchains using one token on the Binance Smart Chain.

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