Moonveil Studio to unveil an exclusive chain using Polygon CDK

Moonveil Studio unveils an exclusive chain using Polygon CDK to utilize aggregation and cross-game interoperability to transform Web3 gaming. This will allow players and game builders to harness more value pertaining to their creations by developing respected on-chain identifications and interoperating throughout a strong aggregated gaming ecosystem.

In the present scenario, users collect value for studios via in-game buying and participating in online tournaments to obtain a few rewards. It is not possible for them to sell their products to secondary markets when their playtime is locked. This hampers the value of a game. The games and accompanying blockchains all face a similar hiccup.

The team at Moonveil addresses these issues by making it possible for various games created on Moonveil to exchange value. This is where Web3 scores a brownie point by allowing players to harness more value than they create in the gaming space. They feel AggLayer is the answer.

Instead of transferring cross-game value exchange towards one blockchain, Moonveil expects to create a gaming solution that covers the complete aggregated network.

With the intention of kick-starting community involvement, content publishing, and Web3 conventional tools, the aim is to initiate manifold live activities that drivers control by setting up MoonBeam, a loyalty scheme with badges and points users can earn.

The team’s priority is creating an ecological identity, wherein players can create on-chain identities that cover the whole aggregated network and bring about value from game to game.

Their future plan includes connecting with AggLayer, which will provide Moonveil with tremendous opportunities for setting up a gainful ecosystem.

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