MoonX Continues Success Streak In The Crypto Arena

Establishing one’s name as a ‘master player’ in a domain as dynamic and ever-so changing as cryptocurrency is not an easy task. Every day marks the entry of a new project or the launch of an ICO, which intensifies the competition in the lucrative field of digital currencies. This makes it undeniably crucial for a project or a firm to offer a unique set of products and unprecedented services to sustain in the marketspace. This constant thought of outperforming others led to the formation of a highly acclaimed crypto exchange network, MoonX.

Based in Switzerland, MoonX was designed with an aim to link the modern digital financial markets with an array of secure, innovative, and electronically managed trading services. The trading exchange was established in 2018 by a dedicated team of professionals who strived to exploit the advantages of digital currencies. MoonX takes pride in being the creator of the ‘World’s Fastest Exchange Technology’ and works as a pioneer of setting new trends in the crypto domain.

Interestingly, MoonX also shines as the curator of the most scalable, secure, speedy, and smart blockchain solution with AI and IoT layers designed specifically to cater to the widescale requirements of banking institutions, exchanges, Fintech, and government organizations. The exchange is working on manifesting a user-friendly interface, ensuring the best trading services for minimum operational costs and risk threats.

The MoonX public chain follows the latest protocol based on off-chain and side-chain expansion solutions, which help to enhance the performance by a whopping 500% mark. It offers an efficient and highly scalable enterprise-grade Distributed Intelligent Application development solution for the developers. The POW+ POS clubbed with voting-based consensus mechanism Layer 2 protocols infuse new features without hampering the capacities of the main network. The blockchain offers the highest standards of privacy via zero-knowledge proof protocol and MAST.

The Notable Services and Features Offered by MoonX

  • The Exchange Services

MoonX crypto exchange allows its customers to enjoy a world-class interface that lubricates the trading between fiat and blockchain-pegged currencies via the world’s lowest latency exchange technology of the network.

  1. Spot Market

The ‘Implication Engine’ of MoonX is a unique solution that allows the investors to convert fiat money into any desired digital asset, offering 99% deterministic price and liquidity. For instance, a trader can convert TBH into KRW without juggling between the currency pairs, which eventually enhances liquidity and improves the trading volume in a big way.

  1. Colocation Facility

The exchange feature renders the high-frequency institutional investors with a golden opportunity to place orders at unmatchable speed. The orders are matched within 6 nanoseconds and the platform has an impressive capacity of managing 20-30 million transactions per second.

  • The Custodial Services

The custodial services offered by MoonX are one of the best in the industry as the platform strives to earn the highest degree of trust from the customers and on-demand liquidity for quick transactions. The service understands the requirements of each digital asset class and allows storage facilities accordingly. To maintain transparency, the custodial service is audited by the best security audit firms on a timely basis. It follows the AI and ML-enabled KYC protocols along with 2A GA authentication features to comply with the regulatory framework.

The custodial service works on efficient hardware and software solutions with multi-sig and 2A authentication protocols. One can execute trading activities at a fast speed while being assured of security and transparency.

  • The MoonX Wallet Service

MoonX works as an institution-grade cloud-based digital assets mobile and desktop operable wallet. The wallet comes studded with AI-enabled biometric integrated authentication to offer the best security features. Some notable features of the wallet include:

  • Built-in calculator
  • No fee usage
  • Convenient navigation and transaction facilitation
  • Quick and streamlined transfer of assets with QR code as well
  • MoonX Security Services

MoonX aims to offer an unprecedented secured ecosystem to its customers. The unique features offered by MoonX security system are listed below:

  • The investors get a customized security solutions package
  • High order credential encryption and control
  • Keeps illicit activities like hacking and spoofing in control
  • The system keeps the user’s security state upgraded with continuous assessment
  • Biometric-based solutions offer enhanced security
  • AI and ML supported KYC solutions and multi-factor verification solutions

MoonX Breakthroughs in 2019

The gone year brought an array of achievements and successes to MoonX’s platform. The platform entered into strategic partnerships and took steps to strengthen the core internal ecosystem to earn the trust of more and more global customers all throughout 2019. It was reported in 2018 that MoonX had raised US$ 27 M in a flash. The pooled in funds were used for carrying out the development processes in the exchange platform.

In August 2019, MoonX collaborated with The Seoul School of Integrated Science and Technology in South Korea with an intention to give a boost to its aim of popularizing decentralized technologies. Later in November, the exchange launched its trading technology platform in the UK. The platform provided a complete package of financial software and hardware offerings for exchanges, hedge funds, institutions, and traders. With a view to proliferate in various markets, MoonX announced the launch of its development centers in Bengaluru, London, and Beijing.


MoonX has constantly been striving to build an ecosystem that is secured, reliable, and economical for trading purposes so that more and more people could adopt cryptocurrencies. The remarkable custodial and wallet services offered by the platform assure the customers about the security of their funds. With the amazing teamwork and realistic objectives, MoonX shall continue to climb the ladder of success in the new decade.


Scott Cook

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