MoonX Exchange Company Launches Trading Technology in the UK

Recently, MoonX exchange introduces its new trading technology in the UK, which offers a pack of hardware and software systems for brokerages, exchanges, financial institutions, hedge funds, traders.

The Geneva-based company, MoonX exchange, is offering the fastest exchange software in the world that allows 25 million Transactions per Second (TPS). It is an excellent development step for the company as it makes it 150 times superior and faster than its competitors. With the help of this technology, traders will be able to place 150 times more orders in the same frame of time. According to the reports, it takes six nanoseconds to process one request to a distance of 1.8 m at that time. That’s why MoonX is considered to be the fastest & best crypto exchange company across the world.

According to the founder and CEO of MoonX, Dr. Nithin Palavalli, the trading in the financial industry is getting hindered due to a gap in technology and data-flow structures. But, blockchain technology is growing in the financial sector. His company was not growing and improving. But, after this launch, there will be an elevation in the company’s development.

He continued that there is a disadvantage of running exchange on the cloud as it lowers the speed of operations. It is essential to run the exchange on the metal servers with gateways and binary APIs. The company’s motive is to deliver a variety of solutions like speed, security, scalability, and smart surveillance solutions. The company wants institutions to check out the platform and make transactions at high speed.

MoonX is a popular name in the market with significant computation and processing speed, which is delivered by the patent-pending Matching Engine Technology. The exchange has a high-level of security as it is built on physical servers, and AI technology like face and mood recognition technology is required for the authentication.

MoonX offers other services than exchange software to its clients:

  1. Wallet Solution: MoonX provides this solution to UK-based forex brokers, Forex traders, banks, Stock & Commodity Exchanges, Blockchain Exchanges, and OTCs. You can learn more about it.
  2. Security Consulting Services: The company provides unique security services to its clients for making safe transactions and prevent their wallets from various hacks. It provides security consulting services to the wallets, integrators, exchanges, and co-location participants.
  3. Risk Management System: MoonX is working on an AI financial risk automation toolkit for trading. It will help in reducing financial risk and protect businesses.
  4. Custodian Services: MoonX exchange uses blockchain technology to store information on securities transactions. It helps in protecting the assets and maintaining the speed and cost-efficiency. This service does not affect the processing speed, even if there are too many transactions.
  5. NOC and SOC Services: This service by the company is to keep an eye on cybersecurity incidents using the manual as well as an advanced level of AI algorithms.

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