More support for virtual currency: extremely popular website renders support to this young sector is one platform which has remained a household name specifically because of the extent to which the kids born in the 90s are acquainted with it. However, not just the 90s, this website continues to be famous even today with it being the 6th most popular website in the world. Now, this website is also providing a platform for the numerous users to trade in the different tokens of the various cryptocurrencies. This has come as good news for the field considering the reach of today. This partnership has come about with the help of the financial API developer called TradeIt. With this partnership, it would be possible to carry out the activities of virtual currency through the means of buy and sell buttons on the quotes page of Yahoo.

According to the general manager of Yahoo, attempts are being made to improve the financial services that are being provided at this platform. The partnership between Yahoo and TradeIt has come about since the past one year; however, recently this platform has started offering cryptocurrency to the users as well. Users of this platform can now involve the external entities required to carry out the financial operations on the platform of Yahoo.


As of now, this platform is available for the iPhones, it is called Yahoo Financial Mobile apps, it was noticed by a few experts in the market that such a platform was found on the desktop version as well. However, these versions were short-lived. It was soon revealed that several experiments were carried out in various versions before the changes were finally put in place by the authorities in the company. Yahoo Japan, which had previously partnered with Softbank, however, even as the partnership is no longer existent, the company has stated that it intends to buy a significant share of the virtual currency.


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