Morgan Creek comes up with a Digital Exchange Index Fund

Attempts are now being made in the market to see to it that a wide spectrum of investors is exposed to the sector of virtual currency. It is for this reason that two prominent organizations, Morgan Creek and Bitwise Asset Management have come together to launch the Digital Index Asset Fund. It cannot be denied that the past few months have been increasingly rough on the sector of cryptocurrency following the perpetual decline in the price of Bitcoin, however, the chief investment officer of Morgan Creek has stated that there are various sectors which are interested in investing in this industry, for example, pension funds.

Due to the launching of this fund, the investors will now get a whole spectrum of currencies to invest in. The minimum investment as far as this fund is concerned is $50,000. The index which has come into being is called Morgan Creek Bitwise Digital Asset Index. Because of the formation of this new fund, the investors will now be free from the hassles which are usually faced when it comes to dealing in the various kinds of cryptocurrencies. In this manner, this move is increasing the chances of more investors entering the sector. The major investors in the market were unsure about the kind of security measures that were being taken or if they would be effective enough, however, Morgan Creek has assured that cold storage and third-party custody will both be utilized to look into the necessary security measures. Basically, the firm is putting in a lot of efforts to gain the trust in the sector.


However, it is yet to be determined if after the drop that took place in the value of major cryptocurrencies, whether the prominent investors would be willing to invest in it or not.

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