Leading French Asset Manager Tikehau Sells Stake to Banking Giant Morgan Stanley

For an asset management company of any stripe, an investment from blue-chip banks to the world of high finance are possibly the most coveted and for French asset management firm Tikehau that was surely the case. The firm had been looking for investment and collaboration with investors from North America for quite some time and had also been willing to sell a piece of the firm to the correct bidder. The deal with Morgan Stanley could prove to be an incredibly valuable one since it would help Tikehau in tapping into the vast North American market. In addition to that, Morgan Stanley could also help the firm with their expertise and introduce it to a range of new asset classes that might not have been in their reach in the past.

According to reports, the American banking giant is going to pick up a stake of 5.5% in Tikehau for an investment of 300 million Euros. In this regard, it is also important to add that in addition to Morgan Stanley, other entities are also going to invest and that would make this a highly lucrative round of capital raise for Tikehau. The co-founder of the firm Mathieu Chabran, stated that the new set of investors will bring a range of expertise and inputs on to the table. He said,

New shareholders bring industry and local expertise. All asset managers are looking for long-term capital because they help take the business forward with strategic ideas, the opening of new offices and new asset classes.

The founders of the company will continue to hold 60% in the firm. The new capital that is going to be infused into the company is going to be used to expand the interests of the firm, and in the months to come, potential investors will surely be watching Tikehau’s moves in the capital markets with interest. Although Tikehau group is a listed entity, its asset management firm isn’t one and hence, if it goes public in a few years, then it could help Morgan Stanley in exiting with a hefty return on its investment.

Jodie Miller

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