Morpheus.Network Announces Partnership With Densa.IO

Morpheus.Network has announced its partnership with Densa.IO to offer higher visibility, automation, and efficiency, especially in the supply chain. Businesses can customize solutions that utilize the best parts of the emerging technologies while continuing to run their existing critical legacy software.

Challenges faced by businesses affect not just sustainability and net-zero impact but also the supply chain, a process that was badly disrupted during the Covid-19 pandemic. The middleware platform of Morpheus.Network and Densa.IO run on a blockchain, IoT, and offers compatibility with a technology that the company wishes to use. It offers several benefits like:-

  • Visibility in the supply chain at the container level
  • Track port operations
  • Cold chain
  • Fast track customs release
  • Integration with logistics carriers for outbound & inbound shipments

It significantly affects a company’s bottom line by instantly generating documents for customs and shipping by taking into account the regulations of all the countries.

The North American market is estimated to have a longer impact on the partnership in how supply chains are designed and audited. The partnership also looks to bring the entire ecosystem of a client into focus and implement automation to increase efficiency.

The global supply chain was severely impacted during the pandemic, leading every organization to believe that there is a dire need to adopt sustainable solutions and fulfil long-term goals along with short-term objectives and savings through automation & security.

Ryan Darbyson, the Vice President & Founder of Densa.IO, said that the partnership would directly impact all the organizations, irrespective of their types and sizes. Ryan Darbyson addressed the issue prevailing in North America by stating that the organizations were being left behind by the rest of the world, and they will have real issues in the future as their competitors surpass them.

DENSA has taken the challenge of diving deep into the North American market and supply chain as they are in desperate need of the adoption of new technologies.

Dan Weinberger, the Chief Executive Officer of Morpheus.Network said that the flexibility of its middleware platform would become more apparent as the company grows in the time to come. Dan added that the company is constantly partnering with new companies and integrating updated technologies to provide its global solutions.

Dan Weinberger also said that joining hands with DENSA makes sense after they have built a great relationship with Ryan Darbyson from Densa.IO. The partnership has an objective of pushing the solution deeper into the North American market by working on multiple large-scale projects right from the onset of the recently established partnership.


Densa.IO functions on its environment-first approach in handling sectors ranging from supply chain technology to building automation & low voltage solutions. The company partners with the best developers to ensure that it can design and customize solutions of the highest quality and outstanding performance to solve the clients’ problems.

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