Morphex to be introduced on the BNB Chain

Morphex is extremely pleased regarding the fact that it is soon to be introduced on the BNB Chain through the association with Thena being the liquidity host for MPX-BNB. Incidentally, both entities go way back to the times of Morpheus Swap, as well as Liquid Driver on Fantom. As a part of the agreement, there will be an initial bonus of $12K veTHE. There will be a 50% bribe equivalent to $2K for every epoch in veTHE, along with the scale increasing for a similar figure. There will be promotional activities carried out jointly and which will have AMAs, as well as contests and others.

In the case of the first three bribes, there will be a 10% bonus rebate in terms of weekly bribe figures in veTHE. Of late, the company has been actively involved in the creation of unique products, as well as forging fresh associations. 

The company has also been engaged in a wrapped MLP vault which provides the option of revenue generation and rewards forwarded to auto-compound. Fresh associations have been forged, and the team is looking into SCREAM, permitting token holders to be able to auto-compound rewards, as well as borrow to the extent of 50% LTV ratio, wBTC, and stablecoins, by putting up their wMLP asset. The back-end developers have been rewriting the keeper framework code. There has also been the Morphies, which is a collection of 2,500 NFTs that are constantly being developed. 

The association with Thena will provide the option of the backing of LPs. As of date, Morphex has a standing of 100K+veTHE. The votes, along with the MPX-BNB votes, will come in for bribes. In the case of the rebasing enhancement of veTHE standing, it offers better balance, as well as rewards related to pool2 liquidity providers.  

Following a lot of deliberations, the company honed in on the BNB Chain. There will now be the accessibility of wMLP on the BNB Chain. Morphex has formed an association with Axelar, which is engaged in providing the option for MPX to be linked to the BNB Chain. In the imminent future, MPX-BNB will be positioned live on Thena. In the case of Fantom and BNB Chain revenues, they will be allotted to stakers and liquidity providers. The trading program will also be positioned life on both of the chains. 

Their future activities will include the deliverance of MPX-BNB LP on Thena. There will be the deliverance of Morphex on the BNB Chain and will offer the option of trading, as well as liquidity providing and single staking. There will be the controlling of a listing for wMLP collateral listing on the BNB Chain. There will be the release of the Morphies NFT collection.  

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