Mountain Protocol’s conventional USDM gets activated on Arbitrum

Mountain Protocol positions and activates its conventional USDM on Arbitrum, an initial certified and permissionless stablecoin. It has the complete support of the US Treasuries and provides an APY of 5% via daily rewards. 

This will enable the Arbitrum community to connect with a simplified incorporating and yield-generating asset, making it the safest RWA. 

Through the USDM being positioned on Arbitrum, it will be possible to carry out DEX swaps and DEX LPing, the act of lending and borrowing and utilizing it as collateral for off-shoots. Added to that will be interest rate swaps, hedging, or simply holding on to it and receiving an APY of 5%. 

Mountain Protocol feels privileged to receive funds awarded by the Arbitrum DAO regarding the LTIPP scheme. 

In the following twelve weeks, the entity will encourage users to shift their liquidity to the Arbitrum. 

As per the company’s plans, all the functions will be incorporated with business houses such as Chronicle protocol, ODOS, Curve Finance, and others. 

They have honed in on Chronicle protocol for offering dependable price feeds towards all incorporations. Chronicle protocol offers a price feed for wrapped USDM (wUSDM), a value-increasing token utilized by almost all protocols incorporating USDM.  

ODOS has incorporated a wrapper action regarding smooth transformations between USDM and wUSDM.

Protocols incorporating the Odos zap feature conventionally allow users to wrap and unwrap USDM on their simplified UI.  

Almost all liquid USDM sources are found on Curve Finance’s USDM/USDC pair, which currently has more than $4 million in TVL. The pair enables swapping and liquidating. 

Users have the option of offering liquidity in the pool while gaining rewards over and above the USDM conventional yield. 


Users can provide liquidity in this pool and get rewards on top of the USDM native yield.

For the time being, USDM and Mountain protocol items will not be accessible to citizens of the US and other restricted countries.

Trevor Holman

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