Movement Labs releases M2, the first Ethereum Move VM-based L2

Movement Labs is all set to release M2, which is the first Move Virtual Machine L2 for Ethereum, upgraded with Celestia in the form of a modular DA. Movement is creating an ecosystem of modular move-oriented blockchains with the help of Celestia’s Blobstream and modular stack. It will also introduce public goods and tooling to encourage the acceptance of the Move programming language throughout wider blockchain ecosystems. 

By utilizing Movement and Celestia, developers can implement secure and high-output Move VM rollups, such as smart contracts. M2 enables developers to connect with Movement’s verification system to audit and manage the secure implementation of smart contracts. Furthermore, implementing Celestia, a high-throughput DA layer, results in economic gas expenses.

The M2 mainnet will be the initial Ethereum Layer 2 rollup that incorporates Celestia for data accessibility, Snowman Consensus for exchanged sequencing, and The Move Virtual Machine for implementation. This will bring about 145+ transactions every second.

In the ecosystem, various applications that will make use of customized app chains are being developed, like games, consumer applications, and financial products.

Movement’s Fractal Model allows the scripting from Solidity to be transformed into opcodes. M2 will introduce the ability for Solidity projects to utilize Move potential and safety features.

Movement Labs is gathering an ecosystem of applications and frameworks connecting with Movement from various virtual machines and blockchain networks. They are increasing the backing for Ethereum with DeFi essentials on top of Aptos and Sui ecosystems, along with EVM projects. This will also increase liquidity and improve connectivity for users delivering on the Movement Network.

Blobstream plays the role of a link between Ethereum and Celestia, bringing about a low-cost and high-output effect. The movement’s goal is to democratize Move and incorporate it with present blockchain ecosystems.  


Movement Labs is involved in building tools and frameworks for improving the safety and effectiveness of distributed networks. Its priority is the safety and upgradeability of blockchain technology.

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