Multichain Announces a Partnership With Step Network

Multichain recently announced an integration with Step Network to help the newly introduced blockchain gain exposure. The development allows the network to interact with BNB Chain, Ethereum, and ten more leading chains.

Supported by personalities like Usain Bolt and other global corporations, Step Network recently entered the blockchain arena. Since then, the network has established several partnerships to gain global exposure.

Now, it allows users to bridge seven assets that include BUSD, USDC, BNB, WBTC, USDT, ETH, and DAI. Other than that, users can transfer FITFI between Avalanche and Step Network. The integration will also make it easier for users to release assets on the Step blockchain, offering them immediate access to Step products.

Additionally, it will unlock unmatched DeFi possibilities for developers due to its ease of onboarding protocols. The timing is impeccable for Step Network as it is getting ready to deploy a decentralized core exchange called StepEx at August end.

This launch will be conducted via a fair launch Lockdrop, allowing multichain users to move assets from Polygon, BNB, Ethereum & other networks to Step Network. It allows them to participate in the Lockdrop to get unlocked StepEx tokens for free.

Multichain has been known for bringing revolutionary innovations to cross-chain communication. Its integration can be seen as another move to create a seamless multi-chain ecosystem with interoperability.

Involving more interoperable chains and tokens tradeable via Multichain to Step Network is also possible in the future. Despite being released only in 2020, Multichain has been addressing the need for diverse blockchain networks since then.


Its network interoperability has unified the cross-chain architecture’s value and asset transfers. Thus, the integration will surely prove to be immensely beneficial for Step Network.

Roxanne Williams

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