MultiversX announces radically improving its SuperApp over X

MultiversX recently released a string of tweets to announce modifications to its SuperApp. The tweets talked about molding the platform to make it the ultimate multi-account and multi-chain digital wallet.

With the modifications, SuperApp will expand its top-notch services for the metaverse, the AR experience, fiat and crypto payments, and more. The original tweet stated that the journey toward the transformative xPortal has begun.

xPortal is a digital wallet and global payments app trying to redefine how users interact with money. The platform allows users to exchange and safely store cryptocurrencies on mobile devices.

The latest development has brought more chains, tokens, cards, 3D avatars, cross-chain swaps, and more ventures into the mix. The tweets also stated that MultiversX users can now manage and swap between several wallet accounts.

The platform is additionally seeking ledger support soon. MultiversX is expanding cross-chain functions with xPortal to enable swaps between ecosystems.

The integration will start with popular tokens, including ERC20, BNB, and BSC. More token types will quickly follow the list in the coming months. 

Besides the features, MultiversX is conducting a limited-time edition of xDay to entice users. During this period, users can access Eco Black, Fresh Mint, and Diamond Touch xCards. It does not stop here, as the platform is also adding Web3 simplicity to crypto and fiat interactions with on-ramp, off-ramp, and fiat payments.

Moreover, MultiversX is unlocking new AR and AI-based experiences. With xPortal avatars, users can witness a 3D and interactive multiverse experience. The platform is releasing a GPT-based personal assistant called xGenie to assist users.


The assistant will help users learn more about crypto and similar spaces. MultiversX ended the string of tweets by sharing the official website, where users can get started. The community has warmly welcomed the announcement, indicating a stable success for future MultiversX updates.

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