MultiversX X Tencent Cloud: An initiative to add value within Web3 & Metaverse

MultiversX happens to be extremely pleased to make its official announcement of having formed a mutually beneficial partnership with Tencent Cloud. The entity happens to be a much-respected global technology company. With this joining up together, plans are afoot for the effective utilization of the MultiversX blockchain, along with the entire retinue of products, for the scouring of fresh avenues related to value creation within Web3, as well as the metaverse arena. 

Tencent Cloud happens to be one of the topmost cloud companies globally and is actively engaged in the building of innovative solutions for addressing real-time aspects. It also happens to be providing for digital transformation in the case of smart industries. 

With the help of its immense global framework, the entity offers businesses all over the globe safe and dependable prime cloud products and services through cloud computing, Big Data analytics, AI, IoT, and network security. 

It is an accepted fact that the prime functions of blockchain provide the opportunity of making enhancements in the methods applied in terms of our interaction with one and all. This runs true in cases like finance, public administration, and digital identity, to name a few. 

In this regard, MultiversX has created a new framework layer. It will be the very first solution from all angles and possess the ability to live up to global scale demand, as well as being upgradeable and cost-effective like the internet. It will also be delivering unique possibilities that create a significant change in UX. 

Tencent Cloud happens to be actively engaged in playing the part of a technology provider for Web3. For many years now, it has been involved in games, audio, and video, and with the utilization of the most updated and new-age computing strength, storage, network, as well as media technologies. It also backs Web3 businesses, as well as developers. 

The effectiveness of this partnership has increased, with MultiversX delivering three strategic metaverse products. They happen to be xPortal, xFabric, as well as xWorlds. In turn, Tencent Cloud will be able to gain tremendously from MultiversX’s solutions, right from a no-code interface for the positioning of applications, along with blockchains, to an intuitive entry point, as a link between worlds and a whole retinue of metaverse tools. 

In the present scenario, the over 10,000 servers that make up the MultiversX network will witness a fresh high performing, as well as safe, and dependable option for operating on the Tencent Cloud’s framework services. On the other hand, Tencent Cloud is scouring ways of handling a validator code to increase safety issues. 


According to the CEO of MultiversX, Benjamin Mincu, they happen to be very excited about being able to function together with Tencent Cloud and make use of their vast experience. In the case of the Vice President of Europe, Tencent Cloud International, Lio Li, their goal of backing the Web3 community in adopting effective technology will see the light of day. 

Trevor Holman

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