Music Battles partnership with Numbers Protocol

Music Battles take an immense amount of pride in making its official declaration of having formed an exclusive partnership with Numbers Protocol. As a part of their plans, they will together now be creating an absolutely new-age digital rights music-oriented platform. 

This will be finding the answers regarding the traceability of data in times of Generative Artificial Intelligence. The platform will also be happening to incorporate Web3 attributes like decentralized file storage, as well as tracking of royalty with the help of smart contracts, along with proof of digital media files. This will help turn it into a unique distribution platform which will be known as SongSponsors. 

Through this very landmark association, both of the entities have the goal of changing the way of the overall music industry, with the effective utilization of the Web3 technology for carrying out matters of verification, as well as distributing and keeping track of royalties in a manner which happens to come with total clarity, as well as be extremely effective.

All of this, in turn, will be instrumental in the building of fresh sources for generating revenues with the help of secondary markets, steaming, as well as ticketing and organizing virtual events in the metaverse. This will be aimed at strengthening the creators of music. 

According to the CEO of Music Battles, Danny Murphy, with the proper linking of the completion gap that exists between monetization and royalty distribution, the doors will open up for them to be in the position of offering new-age of real-world royalty allotment, as well as verified tracking, to the publishing rights companies, as well as individual artists. 

In his opinion, this strategic partnership will help push them closer to their goals. The individual artists will find themselves in the position of being able to connect with fresh avenues for revenue generation and also manage their content in a much better way. This is in accordance with the ever-increasing acceptance of music-oriented NFTs. 

As per the Founder and CPO of Numbers Protocol, Tammy Yang, with the advancement of NFT projects, there happens to be a requirement to address issues related to content verification. In this regard, his team happens to be working on the building of an open and decentralized, and builder-oriented network looking into digital media sourcing, along with verifiability. He feels through this association. The artists will be in the position of having further control over their digital assets and create new levels of quality pertaining to reliability and authenticity.

Artists will also be able to get their content duly registered with the help of Number’s API, along with generating asset certificates, and deliver music NFT collections in the mobile space of Music Battles, as well as the blockchain of Numbers.

Music Battles happen to be a power-laden and social-oriented, play-to-earn music game that helps gamers to be able to interact, as well as vote, and protect their selected artists for real-time prizes, as well as conventional digital assets. This is coupled with a new-age and live music competition series, where the judges can be overridden by the audience in real time. All of this is boosted by SongSponsors.  

Numbers Protocol, on the other hand, happens to be the first company to build asset-oriented, cross-network protocols to find solutions for tracing data. It happens to have six billion users connecting with it on a monthly basis and belonging to 190 countries. It is very well known in the circle of art, music, as well as NFT platforms. 

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