MXC Global Joins Hands With MenaPay To Expand Turkish Market Operations

Serving the community as a highly acclaimed digital trading platform, MXC Global has announced its strategic collaboration with MenaPay, a blockchain-powered mobile payment solution. The integration will aid the MXC network to proliferate deeper into the Turkish and Islamic marketspaces with necessary support from the MenaPay community.

MenaPay shines as the first, fully supported, and blockchain-leveraged non-bank mobile payment application and Super Application, which runs its operations in the MENA region. This geographical space depicts eighteen countries in the Middle East and North Africa, including Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. The total population of the region is nearly 441 million and the financial management here is carried in accordance to the Islamic Finance rules and regulations.

Henry Wu stated, VP, MXC Group,

Henry Wu stated

With Turkey fast evolving as the third biggest market for cryptocurrency trading operations, all the big crypto firms are hustling hard to take advantage of this situation. The MXC Global team is striving to expand the Turkish market with crucial collaborations and partnerships with market leaders. On March 17, MXC Global became an active member of the Blockchain Turkey Platform (BCTR). The firm has taken several crucial steps to strengthen the hold in Turkey. The Turkish language has been included in the service page of the company, and the firm is working to create its Turkish community for better access to resources and opportunities in the country.

Çağla Gül Şenkardeş quoted, CEO, MenaPay,

Çağla Gül Şenkardeş Quoted


BCTR works as an independent, non-profit organization designed with support from the Turkish Informatics Foundation (TBV). The platform aspires to lay the foundation of a system involving local and international participation from a wide range of sectors like the public sector, universities, science, business, and technology academics. It boasts of a strong customer base, which includes one of Turkey’s biggest bank AKBank and Turkey-based Beilbim, the Electronic Money and Payment Services firm.

The MXC Global network has entered to various important partnerships with leading portals. In January, it partnered with payment processing solution Banxa and launched MX/VND trading pair by teaming up with Bvnex, Vietnam-based compliance solution.

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