MXS launches fair gaming on Avalanche

MXS Games, a premier game developer specializing in mobile and computer platforms, is embarking on an innovative journey to adopting blockchain technology through the Avalanche Subnet. This decision is based on ensuring the fairness of gaming and facilitating the interaction between players and the Web3 tech. 

The studio is turning the idea of traditional gaming on its head by allowing players to own their in-game collectibles that can be implemented across their whole game catalog. Secondly, the audience will also be paid a portion of the advertisement fees produced by the platform, conveying a noticeable shift in how player contribution is monetized.

MXS Games received overwhelming approval, with more than 500,000 downloads during the initial release of its platform. This shows a high degree of interest and signals the feasibility of significant growth. In its endeavors, the company strives to build a gaming platform with the interests and advantages of the users in mind, intending to transform the market by primarily putting its community first.

Avalanche’s Subnet technology is crucial for MXS Games, as it allows millions of transactions to be processed quickly without any delays. This technical architecture guarantees a user-friendly and integrated experience for the players as they can quickly move their assets from one game to another within the MXS ecosystem. AvaCloud ensures the robustness of this function by providing scale and web 3.0 integration.

The $XSEED utility token is a core feature of the MXS Games ecosystem, and it is used for different purposes in the gaming experience. This includes paying gas fees, buying gaming assets, and performing in-game operations. MXS Games is distinguished as it shares revenue by distributing ad revenues to players as US dollars (stablecoins) and digital assets. This novel approach attracts more game players and stimulates their sense of belonging and participation in the gaming community.

MXS Games engages DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) to allow players to become part of making the decisions by giving them a step in the decision-making process. This implies that individuals from the gaming community will be the ones who decide which games will be part of the MXS sets. Through this integrative approach, the users find themselves to be owners who influence the development of the product, not for their own, but rather according to their needs and likes.

As an innovative player in the industry, MX Games is bridging the gap between games and blockchain by providing a more decentralized, player-centered, and memorable gaming experience. Innovatively using the Avalanche Subnets to build up the community and strengthen engagement, MXS Games is set to make a significant shift that will revolutionize game creation, ownership, and experience on a global level.

Roxanne Williams

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