MyStandard Introduces Employment App with Token Incentives for Avalanche

MyStandard, a revolutionary employment app, seeks to empower its user base by giving them the ability to make profits from their data. MyStandard has led the market in creating a marketplace that is two-sided employment and has given organizations the ability to buy data and scour for new talent directly from the users. The useful feature of this app is that users have complete control over the degree of sharing of the data and with whom they share it. Some of the outstanding benefits of launching the app on Avalanche are decentralization, reduced transaction fees, and great ease of use. 

Thanks to the strategic investment of Avalanche in MyStandard, the employers and job seekers are getting their wishes of privacy and data sovereignty respected. Employers can use filters to search the databases of MyStandard, thus resulting in the best offers being made to users to purchase their data. There is the option of maintaining anonymity through a smartphone app. Candidates will stand to receive the tokens from the MyStandard app while the employer proceeds with the recruitment process. The employer will be in immediate receipt of the preliminary interest shared by the candidate and can get access to the IPFS shared data.

Adam Zec, the CEO of MyStandard opines that the MyStandard app has successfully ascertained the entire size and scale of the total market. With a valuable investment from Avavalane, MyStandard management believes that they have made a good deal with a top-class player in the blockchain layers.

Integration with Avalanche has resulted in the attainment of sub-seconds to achieve finality, which will help receive MyStandard tokens every day without any delay. The low transaction fees at Avalanche will eventually lead to the creation of extra tokens in the users’ wallets.

MyStandard will undergo partial release through various stages. Professional data storage will become an easy way for this mechanism to flourish. Users are connected with their peers through the mighty network community after spending some time on the waitlist. MyStandard plays a huge role in the owning, sharing, and monetizing of the personal and professional data of the users.

In the coming months, MyStandard has grandiose plans to integrate different organizations on their robust platforms, thus giving a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to those seeking employment. In the post-recession era, there is much scope for the profitability of these employment apps due to the ability of the organization to hire not only the candidates but also to get valuable research data that can be used for future recruitment policies.

Scott Cook

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