Mystic Treasure and SS Ventures Announce Partnership

Mystic Treasure has published an official announcement for its strategic partnership with SS Ventures intending to expand the crypto network. Additionally, both partners look to increase marketing promotion, brand awareness, and user exposure.

An overall objective is to create a win-win situation for communities from both sides, including partners, investors, and other members. Mystic Treasure has expressed its confidence in the partnership with SS Ventures to provide a better gaming experience and serve various benefits to users. 

The gaming community is dynamic, where things change at a higher speed. While it is good that the industry evolves faster, it is equally scary to consider that experience takes a back seat only to meet the demands quickly.

However, with a new strategic partnership in place, the community can be assured that there will be no compromise regarding their experience. A balance between the two would be one of the top priorities under the strategic partnership. The strategic partnership is being looked into as a long-term relationship. Assuming it holds true, the community will surely have tons of things to look forward to.

SS Ventures became a late entrant by marking its presence in late 2020, a time when it saw the opportunity to assist a large number of projects by getting on board as an investor. All the projects related to the crypto industry with a resolution that they will generate handsome returns in the time to come. Its multi-channel ecosystem has more than 30,000 members and many major strategic partners.

Mystic Treasure is a Play-to-Earn RPG adventure game that is entirely decentralized in its operations. Mystic Treasure features advanced simulation where players have the power to customize their virtual world as per their experiences and needs.

Experiences at Mystic Treasure include a treasure hunt, puzzle solving, constructing houses, and crafting survival items in the game, to mention a few. An overall experience is worth noting and can only be grasped practically.

The game has been developed by top developers and experts belonging to the blockchain industry. The marketplace is one of Mystic Treasure’s key features, allowing players to trade their NFTs items such as a house, weapons, vehicle, and fashion.

Players earn in the virtual world by digging a treasure for up to 30 minutes. A maximum of five treasures can be dug by a player, or the player can choose to steal the treasure of another player five times every day. A treasure digging location can be found through the treasure map given to a player daily, along with a random rarity.

Maps can evolve from low-level rarity to high-level rarity. The location of a treasure is confirmed after players decode the map successfully. Players can tailor characters based on gender, color, dressing sense, and other categories. Its token MYT is backed by BNB Chain and is a BEP20 token type.

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