Mythical Games releases mobile Nitro Nation NFT Drag Racing Game

Mythical Games has launched one of its most loved games on mobile devices. Nitro Nation NFT Drag Racing is a play-to-earn game that has already seen over 100k downloads on Google’s Play Store. The game is titled Nitro Nation World Tour and is being widely endorsed by Joel Zimmerman, an Electronic musician.

Mythical Games comes loaded with the experience of developing NFL Rivals and Blankos Block Party. They have already secured the NFTs for cars in association with brands like Aston Martin, McLaren, and Jaguar.

What makes NNWT the most loved game across the globe is its feature of enabling players to race in real-time. Alternatively, they can choose to start a campaign once they have fine-tuned their cars. Players can choose from a wide variety of cars. This includes, but is not limited to, Saleen, Volkswagen, KTM Models, Lotus, and RUF.

Nitro Nation World Tour has announced the launch in its own style, asking players to suit up and rev their engines. The game is also live on iOS for Apple users; however, data only from Google’s Play Store has been made public yet.

The feat has been achieved in association with CM Games. The team of developers is credited with launching the original version of Nitro Nation in 2014. It has now transformed into the top play-to-earn NFT game and is expected to host a better experience.

As for Joel, he says that video games are, for him, a hundred percent fun. Music, on the other hand, is 20% work, with the remainder being all about fun. Joel is promoting the game and will use its visuals in the upcoming Tokyo tour that begins later this week. He makes an ideal choice for promoting the game since he is a hard-core fan of supercars himself.

He is also leading his moniker with an in-game car – Deadmau5. That is the name that he often uses as a middle name. Thus, making it Joel Deadmau5 Zimmerman. The exclusive car can be won by participating in a Deadmau5 racing event.

Their collaboration goes back to the time when Mythical Games hosted Blankos Block Party in-game content.

Joel has chosen to continue his association with Mythical Games, for he thrives on cutting-edge technology. The launch aligns with his Day of the Deadmau5 concerts, further making it interesting for both sides to extend their association.

Non-fungible tokens for the game will be hosted by Mythos Blockchain of Mythical. The blockchain will have car NFTs and those that pertain to Workshop and can be upgraded. NFTs will come in four rarity levels, allowing players to upgrade their cars and pose better stats. These features would be missing in the free version of the game.

While the total downloads on the Play Store have surpassed the mark of 100,000, data for iOS is awaited for more clarity.

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