Mythical Games to deliver Mythos ecosystem on Polkadot

Mythical Games is a top gaming blockchain and fourth in the list of overall blockchains globally. The entity has decided to shift from Ethereum and is ready to deliver its new Mythos ecosystem on Polkadot. Through this, it will become possible for all its gaming associates to create their own chains and build the largest and most accessible gaming ecosystem in Web3 globally. 

According to the Founder and CEO of Mythical Games, John Linden, the prime reason behind the shifting from Ethereum is its slow transaction speeds. Also, the requirement is to create a security and a governance framework that is interoperable in terms of the various Mythos ecosystem gaming associates. Following many deliberations, they finally honed in on Polkadot because of its allegiance to innovation, safety factors, and governance. He believes it will be highly beneficial to all concerned. 

Where the CEO of Parity Technologies, Bjorn Wagner, is concerned, he is entirely in tune with Mythical games joining Polkadot. In his opinion, it will open the doors for projects to build their very own ecosystems and which also have governance and a treasury. As a part of their plans, they intend to onboard added AAA gaming organizations and gamers into the Mythos ecosystem. Incidentally, the entity is a top functionary of the Polkadot network. In the case of the Polkadot ecosystem, it will also gain from Mythical’s new-age functions, streaming technologies, and Web3 gaming knowledge. 

Mythical Game was established in the year 2018. It has been involved with all-inclusive games like the much sought-after Blankos Block Party and to be delivered Nitro Nation. It carries out over 3.2 million on-chain gaming transactions in just one month. The entity also takes credit for three million digital asset transactions every month, as well as 200,000 active wallets, which makes usage of one conventional million MYTH tokens in a single day in terms of gaming transactions. Even in the opinion of the Founder and CIO of ScytaleDigital, Mark Cachia, the Mythical selecting Polkadot will bring a revolutionary change in the gaming arena. 

Mythical Games, in actuality, is a new-age games technology organization involved in the building of a Web3 gaming ecosystem. It is known to utilize blockchain technology and playable NFTs in the form of tools. This opens the doors for gamers, creators, and artists to play the role of stakeholders and take ownership. They are actively involved in creating unique games and have also been instrumental in forming various affiliates. 


Where Scytale is concerned, it is a digital asset manager with the aim of providing blockchain solutions and making investments in projects that are creating real-world solutions through various Web3 ecosystems. At the present moment, the entity has been successful in carrying out investments in fifteen projects with an entire array of offerings like gaming, music, legal tech, security, blockchain and metaverse framework, and much more.

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