MyWish Becomes First Smart Contract To Migrate To Binance Chain, CEO Assures Long Term Partnership With Binance

Cryptocurrency markets are expanding at a rapid pace, and so is the need for newer and advanced blockchain solutions. Crypto companies are taking continuously making strategic moves to be relevant in the ever-increasing competition, and offer unique products and services.

One of the topmost crypto platforms is the Binance ecosystem, which also happens to house the world’s largest crypto exchange. The Binance Crypto Exchange and the newly launched Binance DEx are all based on the underlying blockchain platform, Binance Chain. The Binance Exchange and its native cryptocurrency Binance Coin (BNB) have gained a lot of popularity in recent times. The entire ecosystem is on a roll for the past couple of years and has been successful in almost every aspect.

On Monday, MyWish, the popular decentralized crypto OTC service provider, tweeted that it had partnered with Binance to migrate to Binance Chain, which makes it the first Smart Contract Platform to do so.

MyWish CEO, Vladimir Tikhomirov, wrote a blog on, explaining the partnership in detail. Emphasizing on the existing bond with Binance, Tikhomirov wrote,

The Binance team has supported us in this for which we are grateful, and now the Binance token holders can create any smart contracts without coding on MyWish. Since MyWish service is easily integrated with crypto wallets and exchanges, our developers also have discussed collaboration with Trust wallet and other Binance services.

MyWish is a leading platform for creating smart contracts that offer the most convenient service with a friendly user interface. The company has an active user base of over 7,000 people and has many blockchains integrated on the platform, including TRON, EOS, Ethereum, etc. According to the CEO of MyWish, the business development team realizes how crucial and credible the Binance is for the crypto space at large. Therefore, the platform started accepting  BNB Tokens as valid payment instruments for its services. He further added,

Understanding Binance Chain’s value and in continuing our cooperation, we decide to migrate our tokens to the Binance Chain.

It is important to note that we want not only to migrate to Binance Chain but also to continue the mission by helping to create new BNB Tokens for other projects on MyWish Platform.

Ever since its launch earlier this year, Binance Chain has gained significant traction in the market and has been witnessing activities continuously. Earlier on Tuesday, World’s first open entertainment platform, BOLT, announced that it would be migrating to Binance Chain, via a tweet. Binance Chain, the underlying platform for Binance Exchange and BNB token, is a community-driven blockchain project. The platform was built by the numerous developers present in several countries across the globe.

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