n.exchange Partners with SwapSpace to Expand its Reach to More Traders

London, England, July 2021 n.exchange, a fast, reliable, and fully transparent cryptocurrency exchange built by crypto enthusiasts for crypto enthusiasts, partners with SwapSpace, a leading cryptocurrency exchange aggregator that combines the rates from leading non-custodial exchanges in one place to enable fast and safe swaps. The partnership heightens the exposure of n.exchange’s platform to a whole new raft of potential investors and traders. 

Even as the bull run slows, institutions remain in the multi-trillion-dollar digital asset game, and the infrastructure is being built for its continued penetration of mainstream financial markets. Bitcoin and Ether are household assets now, and an ever-growing number of exchanges are sprouting up to meet the new demand for crypto. n.exchange aims to capitalize on this growth, servicing both the true crypto die-hards and the newcomers with its fully transparent exchange.

Now, through its partnership with SwapSpace, n.exchange expands its reach and positions itself as a trusted crypto trading platform set to service the growing demand for digital assets. As an instant cryptocurrency exchange aggregator, SwapSpace combines the rates from leading non-custodial exchanges in one to enable fast and safe swaps, with both fixed and floating rates, aiming to allow customers to choose the most suitable rate. It doesn’t require registration, collect customer personal data, or add extra commissions to the rates provided by its partners. To compile the most comprehensive list of crypto offers, the company is constantly looking for new reliable partners to incorporate into its network. 

With the emphasis on building a relationship of trust and transparency with its user base, n.exchange has developed a multi-component exchange platform designed to accommodate a wide variety of crypto community needs. This platform consists of five key components: n.exchange Instant, HybriDEX multi-chain decentralized exchange, the MultiPick mining pool, EasyMerchant solution, and ZeroBalance. By amalgamating these exchanges onto one API, which includes order lists and coin reserves, all interconnected across several verticals and liquidity pools, n.exchange improves the user experience and eliminates redundancy fees and transition times while enabling instant and free remittance across the ecosystem.

“We’re very pleased to join forces with an established aggregator such as SwapSpace,” says Gustavo De La Torre, Business Development Director at n.exchange. “It really expands our exposure to a whole new set of potential customers and demographics in crypto.”

“From a whole new cascade of offerings to simply raising brand awareness, the n.exchange integration is a great opportunity that opens new horizons for both our exchanges and users,” says Anna Novak, CPO of SwapSpace. “Through the partnership, our users will gain access to yet another reliable exchange and additional currencies..”

About n.exchange

n.exchange is a fast, reliable, and fully transparent cryptocurrency exchange built by crypto enthusiasts, for crypto enthusiasts, focusing on openness and transparency. n.exchange is built on several core values that guide its team in its day-to-day operations. Among them are complete transparency, a desire to help make cryptocurrency as accessible as possible, and a passion for open-source solutions. The exchange offers a simple fiat on- and off-ramp for its users to seamlessly get into the crypto world with ease of mind. The company is currently in the process of seeking financial regulation documents from the SEC. For more information https://n.exchange/en

About SwapSpace

SwapSpace is a cryptocurrency exchange aggregator. It combines the rates from leading non-custodial exchanges in one to enable fast and safe swaps of more than 350 cryptos with both fixed and floating rates to allow you to choose the most profitable rate. It neither requires registration nor collects your personal data. It doesn’t set up the upper limits on the amount of funds to be exchanged. SwapSpace doesn’t add any extra commissions to the rates provided by its partners, which makes the exchanges profitable. It also offers API, an Affiliate Program for all who want to earn additional profit by integrating SwapSpace on their website or sharing a referral link, and a YouTube Influencer Program, which is a way for video bloggers to monetize their content and reach a broader audience. For more information, visit https://swapspace.co/

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