Nafter Enters Into a Collaboration with Jake Paul

Nafter finally announced entering into a strategic partnership with Jake Paul, the celebrity boxer, for the grand opening of Nafter Season 2 and the launch of the Nafter app v1.1. Jake Paul is a renowned American boxer, YouTuber, rapper, and social media influencer with a fanbase of about 67 million. The boxer shot to fame with his debut boxing battle against AnEsonGib in 2020. The boxing star is now a part of Nafter. He is all set to drop his first NFT auction titled “The Chosen One” on Nafter. 

Ever since the launch of Nafter, the platform has played host to a huge volume of traffic and has successfully minted over 2000 NFTs within the first couple of hours of its launch. It is Nafter’s core mission to provide content creators and celebrities a platform of tools for minting and selling NFT assets. The platform allows every user to convert content into NFT assets that are made available for purchase and collection on the platform. Today, Nafter has achieved a milestone by partnering with Jake Paul and declaring Season 2 of Nafter. Nafter is going to launch “The Chosen One” NFT on 1st October 2021. The platform will give every user the opportunity to take part in the auction bidding and purchase the premium NFT to become the sole owner of the unique celebrity item. The bidding on the  “The Chosen One”  NFT asset shall commence with 25,000 NAFT tokens. The entire auction shall only be conducted with NAFT. 

The partnership with Jake Paul does not end with the auction. In fact, the auction of the “The Chosen One”  NFT asset is only the beginning for the marketplace of Nafter. The platform is looking forward to more such influential collaborations to add to its celebrity NFT asset collection.

Trevor Holman

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