NAKAVERSE 2.0: Revolutionizing Asia’s gaming experience

After releasing the NAKAPUNKS collection, the Nakamato games have recently introduced NAKAVERSE 2.0, providing NAKAPUNKS holders with an entirely new gaming experience. This metaverse will be inaugurated in the first quarter of 2024, where the real and virtual worlds will collide. As in real life, the player can have a 3D metaverse experience and communicate and interact with other players. This is both a physical and virtual bridge. In the gaming metaverse, these 3D characters will represent the players’ identities, or avatars.

Holders of NAKAPUNKs will obtain a 3D character for new adventures and retain their NAKAPUNKs with all their features and perks. Due to its first-mover advantage in creating an entirely controlled digital environment that meets their unique wants and tastes, the business anticipates that Asian customers will embrace its services at a high rate. The addition of 3D characters for each NAKAPUNK bearer is a key component of NAKAVERSE 2.0, which is being developed by Nakamoto Games with a unique focus on the demands and tastes of this expanding market, taking cues from the dynamic, diversified economies of the Asian market. 

NAKAVERSE 2.0 will transform each NAKAPUNK from its original 2D form into an engaging 3D character. This virtual location, which houses your NAKAPUNK, offers an abundance of opportunities for social interactions and events, such as concerts, sporting events, and moviegoing. This revolutionary 3D display will be available this month, well in advance of the anticipated Q1 2024 release of the immersive NAKAVERSE 2.0.

As the digital world evolves, Nakamoto Games is at the forefront, ready to meet the needs of a new generation of enthusiasts who wish to spend more time in their virtual world than in the real world. With the aid of these unique avatars, which will serve as the players’ digital identities, they will be fully immersed in the metaverse and able to engage in activities that are essentially analogous to their real-world counterparts, such as working, establishing businesses, interacting with others, and even enjoying themselves in bars.

Launching NAKAVERSE 2.0 is not only about gaming but also about creating a complete, dynamic, and self-sustaining virtual environment for Nakamoto Games. Collaborations with well-known companies from a variety of industries will be a highlight of NAKAVERSE 2.0, allowing gamers to realize their virtual aspirations. With NAKAVERSE 2.0, Nakamoto Games advances this mission by providing unparalleled and immersive gaming experiences never before conceivable. 

To preserve exclusivity, the number of 3D characters is limited to 10,000, the same as the total number of NAKAPUNKS. This advanced, regulated metaverse is the first of its kind, and it replicates every aspect of the real-world economy while adhering to the most recent laws of the countries in which it operates. As a part of Nakamoto Games’ revolutionary NAKAVERSE 2.0, each NAKAPUNK owner receives a unique 3D character for complete immersion.

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