Nano Indicates a Strong Platform Despite the Market Volatility

Nano (NANO), like any other cryptocurrency, shares the same vision, i.e., it wants to replace fiat currency by causing a revolutionary breakthrough in the blockchain technology. It aims to facilitate zero-fee transactions in real time without any energy consumption and critical protocols or difficult user interfaces. Nano is the sole cryptocurrency that employs its very own technology, the block-lattice architecture to its every individual. This individual blockchain is called account chain. This crypto made a quick recovery from its losses, and this is one of its major selling point for its own survival.

Current stature of Nano

Nano is currently getting traded at $0.903386 USD. It is in the 41st position in the crypto market. Its current market has a value worth of $120,374,704 USD. Currently, 133,248,289 NANO are getting circulated in the crypto trading sphere.

The fact that NANO in 2018 has quickly recovered from significant loses, proves that it is a strong platform despite the market volatility of the cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, it has a strong value proposition as well.

Price analysis of Nano on the basis of charts

Nano chart

From this chart, the current price of NANO is 0.913559 USD or 0.00022806 BTC (USD time 07:48). It has a current market cap worth of 121,730,135 USD with the 24h volume of 3,614,445 USD. Now, from the same chart, it is seen that on January 30, 2019, the price of NANO was 0.872037. So, within this approximately one month period, the price of NANO has got hiked by 4.76%. It got a good support level of 0.851557 USD, which was its price on February 09, 2019.

Future price predictions of Nano

Many crypto analysts have told that due to its innovative technology and functionality, this cryptocurrency will go to a very dignified extent in its upcoming future. Nano is both powerful and popular among all the average altcoins. In this year, it can rise to a maximum of $37 USD. Some analysts have suggested that in 2020, the investors of this crypto can have a gain of over $22 USD. Within five years, Nano can rise to $158 from $10. Nano is based on a decent recovery in a tough crypto market. It is although lightweight but, have solid apt protocols that make it evident enough for its upward growth. Nano is definitely a good long term investment that can yield growth of $40 USD in the upcoming years.

Summing up

Nano has the ability to sustain boastfully in the tough cryptocurrency market. From its current resistance as well as from its Nano coin price prediction experts analysis, it is evident that long-term investment in this crypto can never be futile for its investors and they can expect a high return by splurging on NANO.

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