Naoris to release Blockchain-based Cybersecurity in Middle East

Naoris will release a Blockchain technology-based cybersecurity system for IT Networks in the Middle East. Before the launch, the HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum released the “Dubai Cyber Security Strategy.”

As per the reports, PROW, which is a popular IT solution company headquartered in Dubai will use the services of Naoris’ Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain-based platform to secure the client’s networks. PROW is popular for managing IT process in different sectors such as healthcare, retail, and government.

Naoris & PROW made a partnership

As per the deal, firstly, the PROW’s Middle East framework will be completely assessed and then Naoris will begin the implementation of its ecosystem across PROW’s main infrastructures. Naoris will build a strong system for PROW to provide digital transformations and cloud-based solutions for top tech companies.

PROW has made a collaboration with HP and Cisco System, Inc. However, PROW is the not the first company to consider the need for solid cryptosecurity network in the Middle East. Some of the highly valuable construction, government, infrastructure and IT projects have demanded strong cybersecurity networks. According to one analysis by International Data Corporation (IDC), in the next four years, the cybersecurity market in the Middle East will be 2 times from $11.38 billion in 2017 to $22.14 billion in 2022.

Dubai Cyber Security Strategy is released in 2017 to provide unified cyberspace protection and to help in cyberspace innovation. The strategy will implement five basic pillars which include cyber smart technology, innovation, cyber security, cyber resilience, and collaboration at the global level.

Naoris cybersecurity platform will support DeNet

DeNet wants to ensure that its products can sustain and meet all the demands from the cybersecurity market point of view. To fulfill this, it is taking support from Naoris platform. It will be a real test for DeNet which will determine the global strategy of the company. Moreover, the global strategy will place a major importance on security guarantees for its network and for the complete DeNet network.

The main purpose of Naoris is to bring an extraordinary change in the way how cybersecurity is being treated and delivered around the globe. The technology from Naoris is customized for the DeNet ecosystem for web-hosting and data storage.


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