Nautilus Chain goes live on mainnet

Nautilus Chain has announced that it is now live on the mainnet. The aim is to change the way payments are made in the industry. Nautilus Chain by Zebec Foundation brings with it the qualities of accelerating Web3 adoption. Features by Nautilus Chain include customizable chain structure, real-world readiness, and speed in an EVM environment.

What works well for Nautilus Chain is its modular architecture giving a great amount of flexibility to developers. This refers to customizing the availability of data, settlement, and execution layers based on their preferences. The goal of coming up with the Nautilus Chain for Zebec Foundation was to facilitate a seamless transaction between companies and their employees.

There are not many networks that excel in the art of boasting real-time payments that are compliant with current requirements. Referring to them as monolithic networks, Nautilus Chain has said that it has the ability to keep up with the trend. It can be identified with Chain ID 22222 under the Chain Name Nautilus Mainnet.

Moving forward, Nautilus Chain is planning to host several dApps, short for decentralized applications, on the network. There is no definite list of names or developers who are going to enter the ecosystem first; however, Nautilus Chain is likely to launch an entire set of dApps together in the days to come.

Nautilus Chain has sought assistance from the community. Members can pitch in with Zepochs. In return, they will be eligible to receive exclusive airdrops every time a new project is launched on the network.

Also, Nautilus Chain has announced to offer free gas to select addresses based on their eligibility. Per the announcement, a maximum of 5,000 addresses will be selected every day for the promotion. Those who are selected will be distributed free gas within 48 hours of the announcement. All they have to do is fill up the form and submit their EVM address. They are simultaneously required to become a part of the community on Discord and Telegram.

The first to launch will be a very basic system. It follows the successful results of testnet, where projects like PoseiSwap and Coinflow Labs contributed. The testnet handled over 40 million transactions to pave the way for the mainnet launch. Zebec Foundation is expected to innovate and expand its horizons further.

It has lined-up invitations for companies, developers, and projects from around the world. The idea is to have a more efficient, connected, and accessible financial infrastructure that can be leveraged by anyone on the Nautilus Chain.

Zebec Labs has been able to identify that the real problem was in scalability, compliance tools, and speed of transaction execution. While being borderless is a great deal, users continue to hesitate in transitioning to Web3 for a number of reasons. These three make up the majority of the part. Nautilus Chain aims to mitigate these issues and facilitate the adoption across the globe.

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