Navis and FlokiFi partner to pioneer Nanotechnology and AI

Navis has announced joining hands with FlokiFi to boost its nanotechnology infrastructure. As a part of the agreement, it has locked Navis tokens with FlokiFi. These are worth approximately $300,000. Moreover, 20% of the supply of its native token has been locked for the next 9 months. Navis LP has been locked for seven months.

The overall objective is to drive all the benefits from the technology to accelerate the crypto ecosystem. This includes blockchain technology and a definite integration with several devices and systems. Citizens across the globe have the right to live a healthier life, and the partnership between Navis and FlokiFi has ventured on that path.

Navis will basically develop more efficient solar cells. These are known to help save electricity in units and cost. Wearable products are likely to get a boost from this partnership. These are products that humans can wear – smartwatches, for instance. The segment of wearable products is gaining traction majorly because the younger section of the global population has become health-conscious, paving the way for more companies to enter the market and give a shot at innovation.

FlokiFi and Navis will further design Nano trees to protect the Ozone layer. Increasing the security for crypto transactions is on the agenda as well. It is nearly impossible to stop malicious actors from attacking the network. Their intention is always to drain the supply by lowering the number of tokens for near-instant liquidity. The partnership between Navis and FlokiFi poses a possibility that such attacks on the network will be brought down drastically, if not entirely.

That’s a start with the environment in the mission statement as well. Navis has committed to work to improve the mechanism of the water filtration system. Users can expect to see innovation even in the drug delivery system. Details are not yet public from the source; however, more pieces will find their way out as the development progresses in the days to come.

FlokiFi, in its own announcement, has echoed a similar tone pertaining to locking the tokens on the network. It has communicated with the community that there is a well-established commitment in their mindset when it comes to strengthening the trust with partners. Also, FlokiFi has said that the partnership with Navis establishes the increase in the adoption of the FlokiFi Locker protocol by projects that are looking to secure their tokens and LP.

Moving forward, Navis has decided to invest its efforts in attaining the status of a true pioneer in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Nanotechnology. Navis will likely establish a sales infrastructure for products on blockchain networks and the official website.

Web3 is something that is growing tremendously, even if at an unconventional pace. Navis intends to capture that segment by establishing NFT infrastructure on the side. All and all, the benefits will be directed to the crypto community in one way or another.

Trevor Holman

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