Navis Puffverse joins to boost nano-tech

Navis has announced a partnership with Puffverse, making it the latest entrant on the list of partners. The objective is to boost nanotechnology and artificial intelligence while building a sales infrastructure on its official website plus blockchain networks. Projects will be pioneered by both ventures aiming to make their presence felt in the digital world via Web3 pretty soon.

Engaging in creating a presence felt through Web3 refers to creating offices in the metaverse and infrastructure of non-fungible tokens. Other partners joining them in the mission are Re1 Network, Raca, Zebec Protocol, Diviner Protocol, and GemGverse, among many others.

The crypto ecosystem is likely to get significant benefits from these partnerships. Digital tokens are gaining recognition all over the world. Even though there are doubts about their future existence, a reliable infrastructure, like the one being built by Navis, will help prove its legitimacy to the world and regulators of different countries.

Partnership with Puffverse, the Disney-like dreamland, aligns with the broader goals of Navis to utilize the capabilities of Nanotechnology. This expands to its properties and abilities that are unique in nature and also helpful when it comes to improving the lives of people across the globe. Nanotechnology could be integrated into blockchain infrastructure and other similar technologies to provide a more secure life.

Navis is aiming to achieve its goal by developing different products like wearables, solar cells, nano trees, mining systems, drug delivery systems, water filtration processes, and security for crypto transactions.

Navis has also highlighted in its announcement that community members can claim exclusive Pff NFTs with privileges to explore the ecosystem. It has received positive responses so far from the followers on social media. Most of them have called it a great partnership.

This is not the first partnership announced by Navis to boost nanotechnology. It announced joining hands with Curl Finance almost six days ago, as at the time of drafting this article, to build a high nano-tech infrastructure.

There is something unique that it did in early April, something that shows Navis having interests beyond the nano-tech.

The platform joined hands with Floki by locking $300,000 worth of NAVIS tokens with FlokiFi, the suite of decentralized finance products. On top of this, Navis committed to locking 20% of their tokens for 7 months and the LP for the same duration.

Its partnership with Puffverse sets a tone for what is about to come in the future. It is highly likely that Navis will get more partners onboard to continue pioneering the utility of nanotech in the healthcare segment. The goal will remain to bring new products and services with its integration into blockchain and similar technologies.

Puffverse, meanwhile, has announced the latest carnival in the Puffverse, enabling its members to earn rewards. All they have to do is sign up every day through Daily Sign in the PuffTown. Once signed up, the doors to redeemable points and extra rewards will open up for the eligible participants.

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