NEAR BOS introduces FastAuth for a better onboarding process

The NEAR blockchain has been on a roll with new upgrades and launches. The network recently launched its BOS (Blockchain Operating System) on

NEAR has followed the launch with the release of a new powerful feature, FastAuth. According to the latest post by NEAR, FastAuth allows BOS users to experience a smoother Web2-style onboarding process.

At the same time, the feature facilitates a seamless account recovery process. Now, BOS users can create an account without using a new password or buying any crypto. 

FastAuth also brings new tools for developers, helping them offer new apps and components to BOS users. The feature will significantly lower the restrictions surrounding Web3, helping billions of Web2 users to enter the space. 

As expected, the recent launch put all eyes on NEAR yet again. It is currently trading at a market price of 1.57 dollars, but the NEAR forecast expects the protocol to surge due to its new features. 

To ensure that, NEAR has shared simple how-to videos on its website. The videos explain how users can use the new features to onboard and recover accounts. According to NEAR, FastAuth will help users to create an account via phone prompts, an email address, and biometrics.

It means that users can easily interact with an application while re-authenticating the app using multiple devices. As users are familiar with Web2-styled authentication, like Sign in with Google, methods like Web3 account overview via wallets and seed phrases have been a barrier for them.

Using FastAuth, NEAR will allow them to avoid such hassles and recover their accounts through an SSO (Single Sign-on) process using email. The account recovery process will also remain decentralized without giving complete access to one custodian. FastAUth uses the multi-party computation process to achieve it. Such properties make the NEAR protocol simple, safe, and decentralized for traditional Web2 users. 

Trevor Holman

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