NEAR Foundation and Meta Pool enhance ENO Program

NEAR Foundation has announced that it has partnered with Meta Pool, which is tasked with helping the Foundation effectively roll out the Enterprise Node Operators Program, also referred to as the ENO Program, or simply ENO. The objective is to onboard institutions and companies into the ecosystem of NEAR. Meta Pool will oversee and guide the NEAR Foundation with the rollout of the program.

Identified as a liquid staking solution built on NEAR, Meta Pool believes that this is a significant milestone, for it looks to expand what was launched in November last year, which is 2023. Meta Pool has expressed its commitment to be an operational backbone during the expansion of the ENO Project.

The strategic initiative of both projects will contribute to the security, growth, and decentralization of the NEAR community.

NEAR Foundation is looking to strengthen global partnerships and build relations with industry leaders. Over 15 projects have already been onboarded into the ecosystem. This includes the likes of Colossus, Triton One, Frens Validator, DSRV Labs, and Stakin, among others.

There is a pool of 5,000,000 NEAR tokens backing the program. These will be utilized to support the staking activities of ENOs. NEAR Foundation has said that it will look to drive collective success and innovation across the decentralized landscape as the program expands.

An announcement about the ENO Program has sparked optimism among the community members. This is evident from the fact that the native token has seen a jump of 8.05% in the last 24 hours. It is now exchanging hands at $2.94. It further reflects a rise of 5.30% in the last 7 days and a drop of 7.33% in the last 30 days. NEAR forecast estimates that the token may end in 2024 on a higher note of $4.31. Alternatively, the token may close this year at $2.99.

Nevertheless, bullish sentiments are more than obvious, and the community speculates that higher growth is on the horizon. The expansion of the ENO Program looks to strengthen global partnerships. Therefore, onboarding more institutions and companies will boost the ecosystem in terms of security and other possible aspects.

The development comes days after the NEAR Foundation talked about the second phase of NEAR Sharding. The second phase has been launched, marking a significant milestone in the development of the network. It is likely to support the vision of chain abstraction to facilitate the adoption of dApps—decentralized applications—that require an extremely scalable blockchain layer.

ENO Program is currently live with a focus on driving institutional growth, marketing, and financial support, all of which are fueled by its partners. The ultimate result is the adoption and expansion of the NEAR ecosystem.

The Foundation has its sights on up-ticking the valuation of NEAR in this decade. Assuming all development falls in line appropriately, it could end in 2025 at $5.48 and in 2030 at $18.01. NEAR’s market cap and 24-hour volume are up by 7.86% and 56.17% in the said order, respectively.

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