NEAR Foundation collaborates with Vortex Gaming

NEAR Foundation takes the opportunity to officially announce its exclusive collaboration with Vortex Gaming. The company is a Web3 affiliate of INVEN, which is the biggest game media community based in Korea. It boasts of having roughly 7.2 million users connecting with it on a daily basis. 

As a part of its plans, both the entities, NEAR Foundation, and Vortex Gaming, have decided to take the assistance of the NEAR Korea Hub and work towards collective advancement and further the interests of Vortex Gaming. They also require to empower the NEAR game ecosystem and carry out offline hackathons, as well as organize events for the creation of talent and improvise on matters of brand acceptance. In order to fully back Web3 gaming, Vortex Gaming has plans to utilize NEAR”s global Layer 1 protocol, as well as the Blockchain Operating System (BOS). 

In the opinion of the CEO of NEAR Foundation, Marieke Flament, the involvement with INVEN will witness the furthering of their sustainable game ecosystem, as compared to other industry stalwarts like Kakao Games, as well as Netmarble’s Marblex. 

Vortex Gaming is basically a content-oriented game community. It is involved in the creation of services pertaining to Web3 games. Further, it provides a social media platform, along with functions like Gaming Guild. The Vortex Gaming Guild provides the opportunity for users to be able to obtain rewards by taking part in games and tournaments. The Guild helps in keeping the flock together. 

Vortex Gaming is also into making provision for specific content that helps in scouring the in-game economy and plays the role of a gameplay advisor. The entity carries the vision of setting up a furthered user base with the integration of high-end content, as well as INVEN’s present number of users. 

INVEN is, by far, the biggest game media community operating out of Korea. It has managed to hold onto its position for the past two decades. Its focus remains on matters of innovation and overall expansion within industries connected with entertainment and Web3. According to the CEO of Vortex Gaming, Hoon Jai Lee, the company’s main aim, however, lies in the creation of a united gamer community that consists of Web3, as well the conventional Web2 players through the introduction of high-end Web2, as well as Web3 content. 

It is NEAR Korea Hub which has been instrumental in making the collaboration happen between NEAR Foundation and Vortex Gaming. Its other line of activities revolves around business development throughout Korea, as well as other parts of Asia. Where the Co-CEO of NEAR Korea, Scott Lee, is concerned, their firm belief lies in the fact that it is the community that has a major role to play in keeping the company ahead of all competition. The collaboration with Vortex Gaming, in his viewpoint, will help further their overall standing with regards to being the topmost mainnet within the Web3 game ecosystem.  

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