NEAR Foundation onboards the Crypto Council for Innovation

The Crypto Council for Innovation has announced adding a new member to its list. That is the NEAR Foundation, and the goal is to strengthen the commitment to leveraging each other’s expertise to advocate the transformation that Web3 can bring. Additionally, the NEAR Foundation and CCI will look to communicate the benefits of the same to people across the globe, as well as to policymakers and relevant regulators.

The belief is that regulatory frameworks are essential to the growth of Web3, provided they are transparent, innovative, and clear. If all these factors are duly considered, one can assume that the future of the digital economy is indeed better. Not to forget that the acceleration of Web3 adoption depends on how well the community perceives its scalability.

It is one thing to become part of CCI and another to actually contribute. Going by the words of Marieke Flament, there is a surety that the venture will contribute to drafting forward-thinking policies. The NEAR Foundation will further take up the task of working collectively with regulators and stakeholders in the industry while driving meaningful impact in the blockchain sphere.

Marieke Flament, the Chief Executive Officer of the NEAR Foundation, highlighted that the development is in line with the Policy Principles, a document the Foundation published recently. Marieke has further said that joining the Council reflects its dedication to promoting a crypto system that is secure, open, and transformative.

NEAR Foundation has committed to adhering to the guidelines of decentralization, openness, user empowerment, interoperability, and responsible governance.

Sheila Warren, the Chief Executive Officer of the Council, has expressed her excitement about having the NEAR Foundation as a new member. Sheila has further stated that the Foundation will bring its expertise and commitment to its vision of shaping the potential of Web3. Sheila is also an advisor to the NEAR Foundation Council.

The Crypto Council for Innovation is a global alliance of ventures that have taken up the task of demonstrating the transformative power of Web3 and crypto to regulators. Members, in addition to the NEAR Foundation, include Coinbase, Block, Gemini, OpenSea, and Electric Capital.

CCI pitches for inclusive regulation through an evidence-based approach. It believes that government and business stakeholders must work collectively as trusted partners.

NEAR Foundation is currently headquartered in Zug, Switzerland. It functions to responsibly support the growth and development of the NEAR protocol and its associated ecosystem. The Policy Principles announced by the NEAR Foundation is a document laying out the mission.

It talks about collaboration and the protection of all the elements in the ecosystem. Whether it is developers, open-source software, validators, or privacy, the goal of Policy Principles is to offer protection, promote collaboration, and take up good-faith engagement.

By joining hands with CCI, the NEAR Foundation is looking to unify the force in the Web3 industry and provide essential support. It further aims to advocate for the impact and reach that an individual protocol can have.

Scott Cook

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