Nekoverse’s City of Greed to launch on Beam network

Nekoverse takes pleasure in coming out with its declaration that their City of Greed is developing a deck builder on Beam. Put simply, Nekoverse is bringing about a substantial amount of enthusiasm in the Web3 space. This will influence every facet of the decentralized arena, and the organization employs NFT and tokens to establish a sustainable game economy.

At present, currency, or money, is an essential commodity for all individuals. Nekoverse appears to be capitalizing on the aforementioned comprehension.

City of Greed is a significant deck builder designed with Web3 players in mind. Upon connecting to the game, a player will be presented with the opportunity to mint a segment of an area in the form of an NFT. The segmented area operates similarly to a slot machine in that resource positions are perpetually shifted. The player is awarded money if they can acquire three symbols in a row.

This is followed by the payment of a tax and upscaling the area. By scouring for the high-level decks that bring about great combos, gamers are encouraged to look for the correct combinations with one-of-a-kind rules and connections for every resource. Nekoverse introduced the city of Greed on the Ethereum mainnet in November. It took no time for the community to get connected with the game. A few months after its release, a lot of land plots have undergone minting.

As per the company’s plans, this introduction is only the preliminary step in the way forward for Nekoverse. Right after its delivery, the company began to receive feedback and, in accordance, convinced the players that there would be constant upgrades to the game.

Currently, the City of Greed is positioned live on the Ethereum mainnet and has onboarded a huge volume of players onto its network. In the upcoming days, the City of Greed will be introduced on the Beam network in the form of the next chain.

The positioning on some other chain will require the delivery of the game’s features, such as minting lands, the in-game money, and the game loops. Understanding the fact that the Beam network is EVM adaptable makes it more convenient than positioning it on some other chain.

According to the founder and CEO of Nekoverse, Leo, blockchain gaming is the future of gameplay. In his opinion, the goal of every sort of game, whether it is blockchain or conventional, play-to-earn or play-for-fun, should be developed keeping in mind the enhancement of the player’s experience. As per his company’s team members, the play-to-earn concept should be enhanced further.

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