NEM Blockchain Technology And Its Uses In E-commerce Sector, To Improve Productivity And Sustainability In Malaysian Business

E-commerce business is one of the essential parts of a nation’s agenda for the digital economy. The Malaysian government perceived the significance of eCommerce to the nation’s economy dependent on two significant reasons. Firstly, eCommerce guarantees existing Malaysian organizations to be feasible in the future and furthermore, eCommerce extends Malaysian organizations not only access to the domestic market but also global markets too.

Even though Blockchain technology is a leap forward for digital records storing, not all blockchains are that equivalent. NEM’s development group gained from the slip-ups and inadequacies of other blockchain ideas and made something to stand the trial of time. NEM’s core was worked without any preparation with an emphasis on explaining genuine needs at a worldwide scale.

Moreover, if Malaysia remains on its present course, it is assessed that eCommerce commitment to GDP would develop by about 11% in the next couple of years. If this situation converts into a GDP commitment of RM 114 billion by 2020, Malaysia could accomplish over 20% and a GDP commitment of more than RM 170 billion by 2020. Furthermore, focused government mediation using the Roadmap can double the development rate.

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One of the territories, where blockchain innovation can be used in eCommerce Fulfillment procedure will be present, end-to-end tracking items ordered online, dispatched to clients. NEM’s Blockchain technology has Smart asset system, where items ordered online are called as digital assets or “Mosaics.” With the Blockchain Explorer or Blockchain controlled “Track-n-Trace” page, all issues relating to the things booked and being prepared can be distinguished and amended quickly by the relevant team.

NEM Blockchain Technology is a lot more secure for use by eCommerce service providers as it does not permit ‘on-chain’ Smart Contracts on the Blockchain. NEM’s Blockchain technology eCommerce eco-framework players will have a shorter, more straightforward, and cost-effective methodology in improving their current eCommerce Fulfillment framework abilities, when compared with other Blockchain conventions.

Worldwide B2C eCommerce sales surpassed $1 trillion with every region seeing twofold development in 2015. The European Union, the United States, and China constitute nearly 66% of the worldwide eCommerce market. Although the size of ASEAN’s Internet clients and digital purchasers are equivalent to Japan, apparently it remains less than 1% of global eCommerce volume.

Moreover, not only the NEM system went beyond the Asian borders, but beyond the parameters of cryptocurrency. The most well-known example of utilizing the NEM blockchain is the Mijin venture for operations in banking, which is as of now generally used by companies. This platform is not only used in the financial sector but also used in online games, logistics, and other industries.

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