NEM Foundation Technology Department Update for October 2019

NEM Technology Foundation Department has released its update for October 2019.

Following are its salient points:

Protocol updates:

A new version of Catapult codenamed fushicho 2 released. It will be the first candidate for Catapult (RC).


  • Serialization in realigning binary transaction layouts, optimized.
  • Realignment of fields to change their order of appearance in transaction payloads.
  • Aggregate transactions to include a Merkle hash of embedded transaction hashes.
  • Transactions to include a network type field along with the version field.
  • Several bugfixes carried out.
  • NEM maintains different network testnets to ensure backward compatibility.

Desktop Wallet Project Update:

The Beta version of the desktop wallet is being upgraded to Catapult fushicho 2.

Following features are under-development:

  • Each account should run on only one network type.
  • Delegated Harvesting features first draft ready.
  • Open block explorer to have a web component for discovering transaction hash.
  • Updates from nem2-qr-library and nem2-hd-wallets packages added.
  • The modified mnemonic system made compatible with a mobile app.
  • Release on compatibility planned for this month.

Mobile Wallet Project Update:

NEM foundation has teamed up with Hatio to create a mobile wallet application with both Android and iOS versions.

Following features have been developed:

  • Issues with the import of Mnemonic QR codes fixed.
  • BIP39 derivation made compatible with nem2-hd-wallets for cross-client compatibility.
  • Settings to include a Custom node switch.
  • PIN-style passcode developed for logout and security.

NEM Foundation Experimental Testnet:

The test network is experimental and is reset with each new milestone release. NEM Foundation maintains all the different versions of networks online for backward compatibility.

NEM Foundation members are concurrently developing a beta version of following client applications:

  • Faucet
  • Desktop Wallet
  • Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Block Explorer

NEM wants to launch a public test network in a couple of weeks. As client applications have still not been upgraded to fushicho-2, they are not available on the test network as of today.

Block Explorer Project Update:

Block Explorer can monitor blockchain data available on the test network.

New features add-ons:

  • Network-wide transactions list added.
  • Block listing component Added with the reactive user interface.
  • Network-wide namespaces list added.
  • Network-wide mosaics list added.
  • Network-wide accounts rich list added.
  • Transaction details component with details of transaction parties added.

Feature add-ons under development include one for displaying information about harvesting and harvested blocks.


In October, the focus was on client applications, setting up test networks, initiating test efforts, and working on upcoming public network migration of Catapult. Updates on these topics will continue until December.

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