NEM Foundation Vice President Jason Lee, Shares his Experiences about NEM Blockchain and Launch of Catapult

NEM Foundation Vice president, Jason Lee accepts that blockchain can resolve real-world issues. His position at the Singapore-based establishment helps Lee to accomplish this by allowing him the chance to encourage enterprises to embrace NEM blockchain technology to aid development and economic progress. Further, this technology is useful for organizations over the range from farming, bankers, and educators.

Lee is no outsider to the fintech business, with experience of establishing two organizations, PolicyStreet, insurtech startup, and Finnext Capital, a smart city accelerator program. Due to his work with NEM Foundation and for his past accomplishments, Lee was listed as a Forbes 30 under 30 Asia 2018 list-makers, and he is also a part of the launch of Catapult.

Catapult can be described as a full-featured blockchain engine which can power with both private and public systems with its exclusive smart contract plug-ins. Moreover, this plug-ins empowers bulletproof digital asset creation, advanced account systems, decentralized swaps, and business logic modeling. In its next stage, Catapult will be the core of the NEM engine.

Additionally, after making considerable upgrades to scalability and speed, Catapult presents Aggregated Transactions and Multi-Level Multi-signature Accounts. These are the new benefits that have never been accessible on any blockchain.

To be more precise about the NEM background, it is a blockchain protocol. Just like the Internet protocol, NEM is the base layer where there could be various use cases utilizing the NEM blockchain protocol. The multi-signature function has helped Lee as an Executive Committee member to part with executing transactions consistently through the NEM wallet mobile application.

When asked about what feature excites him in Catapult, he opined that he likes to use the multi-level multi-signature feature which will take accountability, security, and governance to the ‘next level.’ Moreover, there are many different functions which will help to drive the adoption of the NEM blockchain moving forward; however, he is looking forward to using the multi-level multi-signature feature in the near future.

Lee comes from a background in Law with a Masters in International Business from Australia having completed a strategic course from the University of Cambridge, Judge Business School. His life began in the banking sector with the Standard Chartered Bank through their international program, which gave him business exposure over the areas and various divisions in the bank.

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