NEM (XEM) Price Analysis: NEM Resists Crypto Snooze As Week’s Biggest Gainer

New Economic Movement or NEM is youthful computerized money that has turned out to be particularly prevalent among clients in Asia. NEM has seen growth over the past few months, which can be due to the increase in the prices in the altcoin market of Japan. Neighborhood financial specialists are showing an expanding dimension of enthusiasm due to NEM’ s Japanese beginning and Ripple’s relationship with Japanese banks. NEM‘s Catapult is said to make the blockchain progressively advantageous and natural.

Let us look at the price evaluation of the coin: –

NEM Price Chart

  • Currently ranked at number 19.
  • As per 4:45 UTC today, the market value of the coin was 816,873,669
  • Price of the coin today as on 5:31 UTC is 09087071.
  • 24-hour volume figures are 29,491,858 USD.
  • 8,999,999,999 coins are currently in circulation.
  • The return value of the coin is more than 9000%.


  • On 6-February-19 4:00 UTC, the price of the coin was 0.03341702 USD.
  • Looking at the sharp fall in the price of the coin from 6-February-19 till the date, there has been a massive rise in the price of the coin by 172 %.
  • Since the sharp fall in the month of February, the price of the coin has seen a lot of minor ups and downs with prices changing rapidly. The price of the coin was showing a positive trend till April,19 before the fall on May,19, and the current price of the coin seems to be stable.


Next resistance level of the coin can be between $0.20 and $0.45. By the end of this year, the price of the coin is likely to increase and reach around $0.20 after five years, and it may go up further by $2, according to NEM coin price prediction.


Interest in XEM, given the present rate around the lower limit, appears to be very appealing and definitely a good investment option. NEM is propelling soon its Catapult blockchain motor, which is intended to control both private and open systems which no other blockchain has done earlier. The infusion of 210 million XEM is intended to support the establishment’s tasks by 2020. The markets cheered the Catapult update, which will improve the general NEM stage and make it more user-friendly and advantageous to utilize. Another bit of positive news is that Zeux will include XEM in its advanced installment wallet, after which its clients can pay with the digital currency, and this can make NEM coin substantially more significant than it is today.

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