NEM Ventures To Launch Ridesharing App Mobi For Australian Commuters

NEM ventures have announced about their second investment this year on Tuesday 4th June. This time they are backing Mobi, an app for ridesharing that will ensure safe and reasonable carpooling and will use the power of NEM blockchain. The news surfaced through a tweet by NEM Ventures.

The app is developed by Australia based software development firm Divi Australia. The app is designed to get access and to communicate with shared transportation. Using the app, the user can plan their rides for a week by selecting the date and time they want the service.

The app powers the riders to communicate with their co-riders using the chat function of the app. The commuters can also choose their co-riders. Mobi will be introduced to the people of Melbourne first. The company is expecting the app will change the face of commuting in the country.

Co-creator of Mobi Daniel Logan has said Melbourne is the first city as per their roadmap. The city has 2.1 million travelers and about 1.3 million car drivers. The app will cross over any barrier between the two and will make the traveling experience more positive.  He further adds the app will help to fight the environmental pollution by limiting the carbon emission and will free the parking space in the congested cities.

The company has combined XEM payment services with the Mobi app by combining transaction on NEM catapult.  The payment facility will be available once Catapult is released on the public chain. The integration of Catapult will enhance the app experience for the commuters.

In the long run, the app developers are planning to add other features of NEM blockchain to Mobi like multiparty guarantee transaction to record the payment, storage of information on carbon release and most importantly constancy points.

NEM is a blockchain platform that provides a streamlined method to maintain transition as secured ledger compared to old-style of managing databases. NEM was established on 29th March 2015.

The new core engine issue of NEM, Catapult is expected to bring enormous changes to the blockchain in terms of speediness and scalability. Some of the new features that Catapult is powered with includes permissioned transaction and multi-layered and multi-signature transactions all these are in addition to the aggregated transaction.

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